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Boat Blog: Jubilee Day (4)

Posted by indigodream on 3 June, 2012

Sunday 3rd June – 11am

We have just had the most amazing cruise through the heart of London – there are already hundreds of people thronging the banks and waving from riverside balconies. The hordes are in very good spirits consider that they are huddled under umbrellas and it is quite chilly! We have had the unique experience of being cheered enthusiastically as  we cruised past and our arms are already aching with the effort of waving.

There are craft large and small moving into place for the pageant – we were overtaken by the floating belfry going upstream – it is huge! I’m only sorry that the bells weren’t ringing when they went past. We met them again as they came downstream to take station near the Royal barge which will carry the queen. The Spirit of Chartwell herself is a magnificently gaudy confection of gold leaf and deep red velvet – opinion was divided – was she totally tasteless – well maybe, but also perfectly suited to purpose 🙂

There bands playing on various boats, someone in our flotilla has a bugle and the church bells were pealing across the water as was passed under Battersea Bridge.

We are now just coming up to Putney Bridge and there is a debate going on as to whether there’s enough water for to get upriver to our holding moorings. It sounds as if we’re going to be weaving through the centre of the moorings at Barn Elms Reach – it’s all very exciting!

Oh, and the river is as calm as a millpond – it’s finally stopped raining and there may be a hint of brightness in the cloud cover behind us – could the sun be making an appearance soon????

3 Responses to “Boat Blog: Jubilee Day (4)”

  1. John , Clare pollard said

    Watching on telly at North Muskham, looking out for Indigo Dream, have a fantastic day. John & Clare Pollard.

  2. Sue said

    I shall be refreshing the blog every minute at this rate! How wonderful it all is. I am getting just as excited as you lot!

  3. Hi
    Envious? me?
    Be watching out for you on the TV. Enjoy the day! BTW, it’s cold wet and windy up here in Stone….

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