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Boat Blog: Jubilee Day (8)

Posted by indigodream on 3 June, 2012

Sunday 3rd June – 3pm

We are underway in formation and proceeding very slowly to the “start point” – nonetheless I’ve been out in my greyhound costume – there are enough crowds upriver to make it worthwhile.

We’ve had a few call of “what are you?” and “are you a womble?” – Sarah (my minder) has put them straight!

It’s all so very exciting – can’t imagine what it will be like when we get to the major crowds at Battersea Park!

10 Responses to “Boat Blog: Jubilee Day (8)”

  1. Marek said

    Hi Sue & Rysiu
    We’re watching on the TV…but how can we recognise you among the 100-odd narrowboats? Somewhat last-minute query, but any distinguishing features??? Eg are you on the left or right of the river, or in the scrum in the middle?
    Marek & Lonia

  2. nb Chance said

    Watching out for you on the BBC at Crick, we are sure you will be on as Homer!!! Have a great time Sue and Richard. Doug and James x

  3. indigodream said

    We are on the right of the river and will pass right next to the queen!

    We are definitely the only boat with a woman dressed in a greyhound costume at the front!!!!

  4. Womble?? How rude! BBC just did an interview with some sort of fluffy barge dog – hmph, greyhounds are far more interesting..

  5. Bryce Lee said

    It is just about eleven in the morning here in Southern Ontario in Canada.
    The narrow and wide beamed boat flotilla is coming in as well as President blowing the whistle. The television feed is
    from the BBC. The CBC is also doing its own (NB Ernest just came on screen) with a feed on the left side of the screen.
    The CBC has a number of connected reporters along the Thames. The Bell boat is approaching the Tower bridge
    as I write this followed by rowed boats.

  6. Graham and Jill said

    Just saw you on Tele!

  7. Anne Winwood said

    Hope you heard me shout from Hammersmith Bridge – it was a really wonderful sight to see, and definately worth the wait. Now watching it on TV…….

  8. Bryce Lee in Burlington, Ontario Canada said

    The various narrow boats (and CBC is also doing an interview with Boris Johnson,
    Mayor of London. As I write this the flotilla is passing the HMCS Belfast. At this point the Tower bridge has not lifted the bascules, it is not the flotilla will pass under 14 bridges in total. Thomas Falconer (steam powered) is now on camera. It is now a now a soft rain

    The tower is now opening, with BBC cameras mounted on the bridge. And the Chartwell is now beyond the bridge, and is turning to port in a 330 degree turn to move sideways to the docking point where
    the Queen will view the balance of the flotilla.

    The rain is coming down, hard. Narrow boats on screen, two have their head lamps turned on,
    now passing the Houses of Parliament and the now renamed Elizabeth Tower closeup of President on camera with headlamp on
    Steam powered tug boat blowing its whistle in the background.

    now 12:30 in the afternoon here in Southern Ontario…

    Quercus . Merseyside,, WB Elisabeth has passed under the Tower Bridge

    Bryce Lee in Burlington, Ontario Canada…

  9. Carol said

    Have watched 4.5 hours of the pageant on the BBC but the coverage of the narrowboats has been poor to say the least! Glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the trip and have seen some spectacular scenes along the way. Well done to all of you! Great photos from yourselves and Neil of Herbie fame! Thank you for taking us along with you!

  10. we watched ALL the coverage and recorded it . and at no point did we see you.. sadly.(we will check through again!!). we felt that the coverage was very poor.. particularly on the ships/boats following the queen. No coverage of any of the musical boats… only the bells and the final boat… also some of the coverage information was a bit suspect.. “the hat company who made ‘someones hat’ also made the hat for Nelson who wore it at the battle of Waterloo….!!!!!” I do wish that they could have got their facts right! Anyway.. well done to you all..

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