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Boat Blog: Jubilee Day (9)

Posted by indigodream on 3 June, 2012

Sunday June 3rd – 5.47pm

What an amazing day!

Margaret and I have taken turns to wear the Homer suit but we maintained our station, in the rain for the whole procession!

I now have a lifetime first – we were within yards of the queen and I saluted her (in my Homer costume) and gave her a deep bow. According to my minder the queen smiled, waved and nudged Price Phillip to look!

Whether or not that’s been picked up by the media I have the privilege of knowing that I have bowed to queen while wearing a greyhound costume!!!!

The rain since Albert Bridge has been truly awful – the Homer suit is soaked through and my minders got wet before they put their waterproofs on, but it was all worth it.

We now have a long wait on the river before we lock back into West India dock for the night – we may try to get some photos up tonight but we can’t guarantee their quality – everything we own is wet!

9 Responses to “Boat Blog: Jubilee Day (9)”

  1. Carol said

    Very well done, all of you! Can’t wait to see your pictures! Have a great evening once you get the chance to relax. Proud that you have been able to represent all of us narrow boaters at such an event! Again, very well done!

  2. Dave Bradshaw said

    Well done to everyone unfortunately the BBC didn’t show much of the Narrowboats. Too much talking but it sounds like you all enjoyed it a day to remember. Dave

  3. Caroline and Martin said

    congratulations on sticking it out, from the tv pictures the formation looked great, just would have liked the cameras to have given you more air time!

  4. Roger Smith said

    Just watched the BBC’s almost mediocre coverage of the event and think there might be a few milliseconds coverage of you amongst the narrowboats.

    Congratulations to you all on ID.

    A truly splendid performance by all participants and organisers of the event, was especially pleased to see the ex LMS Princess Elisabeth on the bridge at the start. Disappointed that the BBC commentators still don’t know the difference between a locomotive and a train.

    The few minutes coverage in the news was almost better.

  5. LES said

    Good reporting. A live TV link from ID would have been better than the BBC.

  6. Heth said

    Well done guys, kept looking for you but as already said BBC coverage of the narrowboats was very poor – not just cos of the weather either! I was even sat here waiting with me camera to take a photo of you on TV lol

  7. ellie said

    Just back frorm a jubilant day at Tower Bridge – the highlight of which, of course, was the Narrowboats! Very wet, still smiling. Camera died just before narrowboats appeared. Boo. Fabulous day. Thank you. Well done! E.

  8. Glad you all had such an amazing day. We watched from Vauxhall, wong side of the river for you but we waved lots anyway. I’ll have a word with Mark Thompson, if the telly coverage wasn’t up to scratch. We did see a bit of narrowboat action on the screen in trhe greasy spoon we were in about six, though.

    Well done, one and all

    Carrie & Simon

    (PS – pretty we just missed a steam hauled train through Brentford just as we got to the station, too)

  9. Lizzi said

    You did make to Sky TV (here in Aust). Long enough for me to read the name of the boat, but not close enough to see people and/or hounds – real or otherwise.

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