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Boat Blog: After the party…

Posted by indigodream on 4 June, 2012

Monday 4th June

We have been overwhelmed by the support and buy the kind comments that we’ve received – thank you all – it was an incredible day though I find that my mind is fogged with fatigue and I don’t remember much after leaving the mustering point at the start of the pageant!

I’m sure the memories will come flooding back – especially when we’ve downloaded the hundreds of photos (and gathered photos from our companion boats).

We’re currently moored up in West India Dock – we’re due to lock out at 11.30am and we’re going back to Limehouse via Bow Locks (makes a nice change).

The local Sea Scouts in West India have been wonderful – they’ve been so helpful with moorings, rubbish disposal and the other unglamorous jobs which have made our stay more comfortable.

Just being part of the pageant was enough for us, but we have been watching out for any media coverage – we’re not interested in the publicity for ourselves, but we are hoping that the Retired Greyhound Trust has had some benefit from the event. For anyone who’s interested though, Sky did catch us  on the way to the mustering point in the morning and we got a look in on the BBC “highlights” programme last night – if you’re watching on i-player it’s around minute 47!

Most of the crew left us last night; Sarah and Andy headed off this morning so we’re now enjoying a bit of peace and quiet, while trying to dry out various soggy items of clothing – the Homer suit is going to take some time to dry out!

As I type, we’ve just had a severe weather earning (gale force 9) for the Thames area, though it’s a lovely morning at the moment. The sooner we get back to Limehouse the better. 🙂



One Response to “Boat Blog: After the party…”

  1. I’ve been looking through photos of some friends who were on the banks of the Thames – no photos of you though …. yet …. I’ll keep looking!!!

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