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Photoblog: View from the shore (1)

Posted by indigodream on 5 June, 2012

Tuesday 5th June

We have spent most of the day doing absolutely nothing! The build up to the jubilee, and the extraordinary day itself, has been exhausting. We are starting to accumulate photos from the shore (and downloading our own photos) – we hope that there are many more to come! We certainly heard people shouting the boat’s name and Richard’s name but we couldn’t make out individuals in the sea of faces lining the banks and bridges. We appreciated the support from the banks – we HAD to go through to the end, no matter how cold and wet, but the spectators could have gone to a warm dry pub, and they chose not to 🙂

There is about 60 seconds of narrowboating action (including Indigo Dream for the sharp-eyed) on the BBC highlights programme – there’s a link here – fast-forward to minute 46!

These photos are from a a friend of Richard’s, John Jones, who published them on Facebook – he obviously had a great view from his office at Clarksons

If you do have any photos of Indigo Dream taken from the shore then please let us know – they’re great for us, obviously, but ones featuring “Homer” may be useful to the Retired Greyhound Trust publicity people (with the photographer’s permission, of course)

Indigo Dream in all her finery – now you can see the front deck crew – me in the Homer suit, Sarah from nb Greyhound together with Steve and Margaret from nb North Star.

The back deck crew – Richard at the helm, Neil and Kath from nb Herbie, Andy from nb Greyhound and cousin Wyn from Wales!!

Look Kath (nb Bobcat) we are (almost) in line here!

and off we go!

9 Responses to “Photoblog: View from the shore (1)”

  1. Halfie said

    I’ve just posted my photos of Indigo Dream on my blog – not great technically, but there you go. It was exciting watching you come past so close to us!

  2. Capt Ahab said

    I seem to have missed the Jubilee completely – blasting through the BCN in dreadful conditions, but my thoughts were with you.

  3. Lesley said

    Was glued to the box waiting to see you
    then shouting at the box because the BBC production lost the plot somewhere
    then cheering the box because all you the boaters AND spectators did so well!!
    X Lesley

  4. Kath said

    You are welcome to lift it direct from the blog. If you email me (couldn’t find your email address) I can let you have the full fat version and the other pic as well for your collection. The one on the blog is the close up crop that the phone lets you do.

  5. Carol said

    I have a couple of photos as you passed Blackfriars bridge. Not sure how to get them to you. Could you advise please?

  6. suetesting said

    Me playing on the comp found a bit of video of the rehersals with a couple of views of Indigo Dream

  7. suetesting said

    Ummmmm? Suetesting? How did that happen, tis me SueNP! xx

  8. indigodream said

    Thanks Sue, that’s a great video – I especially like the clear blue sky and the crew’s short sleeves – it certainly wasn’t a rehearsal for the weather conditions at the real thing 🙂

  9. Simon said

    Also some photos from this one onwards of the narrow boats, including a few of ID. That is if Kath hasn’t already shared them with you all…

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