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Photoblog: View from the shore (2)

Posted by indigodream on 7 June, 2012

Thursday 7th June

We have had a great response to our request for photos from the shore – keep them coming – it is such a thrill to relive the event through these images – I’m more excited now than I was on the day – mind you, I am sitting now in my comfy armchair, toastingly dry and enjoying a large mug of tea πŸ™‚

We’ll publish them as and when we get them, but here are a few more that we’re posting for posterity!

Simon Tregidgo, a friend of the Herbie’s left a link to his gallery in a comment on the last post, there is one on the left – his photos are so atmospheric, they are brilliant!

We’ve also been searching for images on Flickr – there are thousands, as you can imagine, but only a select few of the narrowboats, so we’ve included a few links to the relevant images below (we’ll add more in later posts):

I have put some links inside the photo captions to galleries which I don’t are clickable so here are clickable versions:

Simon Tredigo photos are here

Harald Joergens photos (there are loads as I think he set out to catch every boat) are here

Both are worth a click!

View from Hammersmith – before the rain started in earnest – the friend who took these photos got frozen while waiting for us – I’m glad that she did though – they’re fab photos!

View from Hammersmith Bridge…

I think this is a view from a professional photographer friend of Steve’s – Harald Joergense who was on Battersea Bridge, have a look here: for a wonderful collection of pageant photos. That’s Margaret looking very svelte in the Homer suit – she spelled me for over an hour – my waving arms were grateful for the rest!

Photos from Denise and Colin – I work with Denise – she’s a fellow boating enthusiast!

Another great photo from Colin and Denise..

This was sent in by Carol (who left a comment a few days ago) – taken from a relatively sheltered spot under Blackfriars Bridge. Don’t we look cheerful – by this stage we couldn’t have been any wetter if we’d jumped into the river πŸ™‚

Another photo from Carol, taken from under Blackfriars Bridge – this is my favourite so far – look at us all waving like lunatics – it was the least we could do for the cheering crowds that had stayed out in the rain to greet us….

4 Responses to “Photoblog: View from the shore (2)”

  1. Capt Ahab said

    The water – its so calm compared to normal!

  2. indigodream said

    Maybe we should ask them to close the barrier every time a narrowboat wants to cruise the tideway πŸ™‚

    It was very bumpy round the Isle of Dogs later on….

  3. Phil said

    A few more of you approaching Chelsea Bridge, if this link works..


    It was a great sight, despite the gloom.

  4. indigodream said

    Brilliant, thank you!!


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