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Odds Blog: Sue’s Olympic Experiences (2)

Posted by indigodream on 26 July, 2012

Thursday 26th July – 1AM


And again, WOW!!!!

We’ve not long since returned home after attending the dress/technical rehearsal of the Olympic Games opening ceremony – it was quite simply the best show that I’ve ever seen in my life!

It is such an intelligent show – quietly poignant and deafeningly exciting; pastoral and industrial; ancient and modern; witty and solemn – there was the….ooh, and then the aah…. there was so much going on it was hard to know where to look. But I won’t spoil it by saying too much or publishing the many photos that I took (yet!), but it was AWESOME!

Needless to say, the light shows were amazing – and we got lots of audience participation – I love that – I’d much rather be a performer than a spectator.

What I’ll remember most was the music running throughout and the magnificent live musicians – including Mike Oldfield (of tubular bells fame – you have to be a certain age :-)) – it will be the ultimate Olympic ceremony that you can sing along to – whether you’re meant to or not!

And we didn’t even see the whole thing – some bits are  still secret – I cannot wait to see it all on Friday…

I believe that there are still some £2,000 tickets left. Sadly I don’t have a granny left to sell, but if you do, then away to e-bay with her – believe me, the ticket’s worth it….

I know many people who don’t like the Olympics, but I beg you all to let your inner child out on Friday evening and allow yourself to enjoy the ceremony – I thought it was quite remarkable. And as for ‘following’ Beijing – Bah!

Richard is working as an Olympic volunteer in the stadium on the night – I hope he gets to work in a part of the building where he can see the whole thing. Otherwise join me in front of the telly (get in front of as big a screen as you can find) – turn the volume to full blast, put on your dancing shoes and jiggle your way through it – I dare you not to join in with the singing!

6 Responses to “Odds Blog: Sue’s Olympic Experiences (2)”

  1. Paula said

    Well Sue, you have certainly got me looking forward to the event. If it is half of what you describe it will be wonderful. I loved your description and it reminded me of the many things I have learnt from you about writing a really good story 🙂 thank you for being such an inspiration. Take care xx

  2. matthew said

    Fantastic news and well done you for getting to see the rehearsal. I heard them chatting about it on Chris Evans this morning and they all wished that they had been there. Bring on the ceremony – I can’t wait!

  3. Sara Viney said

    Wow, how amazing that you got to watch the dress rehearsal – and doubly amazing that Richard might get to see the real thing. I’ll certainly be watching.

  4. Sasha Nicholl said

    Hello Sue – I work for Sky News and was wondering if you might be able to come on our Sunrise programme tomorrow morning to discuss your experience at the rehearsal? We would also be interested in talking to RIchard if he’s got a ticket to the ceremony tomorrow…Please message me at or call me on 0207 032 4431. Thank you! Sasha

  5. indigodream said

    Alas dear readers, we won’t be on TV tomorrow – LOCOG have put an embargo on interviews just in case we give away a ceremony secret!

    Of course, it would only have been worth it if we could have worn our “retired greyhound trust” t-shirts on screen – as I possess the perfect figure for radio, I wasn’t looking to take the TV screens by storm 🙂

  6. ellie said

    You’ve convinced me! It sounds interesting…just gotta find that inner child…

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