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Archive for August 3rd, 2012

Odds Blog: Richard’s Olympic Experiences (3)

Posted by indigodream on 3 August, 2012

Friday 3rd August

Richard is working as a volunteer at the stadium today – we wondered how it would feel after the excitement of the opening ceremony, but he sounds as thrilled as ever…..

This is what he texted earlier:

“People started arriving just after 8am, yet sports day doesn’t not start until 10am. Fantastic atmosphere, now 9.25am, looks half-full. Loads of Olympic t-shirts, union jack dresses. Everybody gets their camera out as we are just by the marshmallow warmer. Real enthusiasm here – it is going to be a great day”

“Marshmallow warmer” – what a sense of humour that boy has! I can just see them now, all the volunteers clustered round the cauldron with their toasting forks…

And here are some of his photos:

The stadium at 7.50am….

The marshmallow warmer……

The stadium at 9.40am – filling up nicely….

I’ve never know Richard to pose so nicely for photos – it’s the true magic of the Olympics!

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