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Archive for August 18th, 2012

Odds Blog: Olympic Park Photoblog…

Posted by indigodream on 18 August, 2012

Rewind to Sunday 12th August

We were so excited to have tickets for the closing ceremony – they recommended arriving at 5.30pm so we did! We brought the car up as far as Star Lane in West Ham then took a short hop on the DLR to Stratford – this was super-efficient – there was hardly any traffic and it made for a very efficient journey home later.

We spent a glorious hour or so just wandering around the park – we seemed to have a little more time than when we came up for the opening ceremony rehearsal. We’d been fortunate to get cheap tickets (Β£20.12 each) for the closing ceremony – I reckoned I’d got my money’s worth before I even got into the stadium!

Royal row barge Gloriana – was last saw her at the jubilee pageant. That’s a very nice mooring pontoon – Indigo Dream would look mighty fine on there πŸ™‚

Look closely to see the word- a curtain of water droplets falls at regular intervals and something cunning with lights means that different words are displayed – it’s all very quick and very hard to capture on camera!

The park is a lovely space to sit and enjoy – I hope it stays this pleasant after the games are gone…

The planting is wonderfully soft and a lovely contrast to the hard landscaping. I wonder how the banks will be maintained as part of the legacy? Some of the trees were already starting to droop after a largely dry week…

I loved the soft drift planting and the steel filigree of the Orbital sculpture – they work well together somehow….

That’s interesting…

Here’s one shot of the abundant flower meadows – it would be churlish not to admire their beauty – but they’ll need some upkeep if they’re not to be replaced by the usual towpath drift of nettles, brambles and himalayan balsam!

We think that these must be oxygenators- they’re spaced evenly along the Bow Back River – the water is much clearer that it used to be but it also seemed more sterile – mind you, the fish that used to be so abundant here may have just gone into hiding because of the crowds and noise from the stadium (or the horrible security gates they have put up at each end across the waterway).

This solitary duck was enjoying the bubbles,,,

We believe that this walkway is temporary – I do hope so because it’s blocking the navigation – we can’t wait for the Bow Back Rivers to reopen (sometime in 2013) – it used to be one of our favourite cruising mini-rings!

The airship buzzed over the park all evening – I’m not sure who was on board – cameramen, dignitaries or paying punters – they’d have had a great view regardless! The airship was quite close to the big fireworks that went off in the park later on – bet that gave them a fright!

Security, quick someone tell them they don’t have a licence – I think that we both hoped that our volunteer shifts would involve whizzing around in a rib – after all, we are qualified helms-persons! Alas….

No need for mowing when you’ve got thousands of bottoms flattening the grass every day πŸ™‚

We believe that these are original bollards – there are a few along the towpath…

The park has a lot of somewhat surreal bits of ‘art’…

Here is a photo from 2010 showing part of the team from Allies & Morrisons responsible for these odd bits of art and funny paving scattered round the park, all to a very tight budget. They also did flashier things like master planning (true and well done) and will tell you they designed the bridges (Achitects like taking the credit for Engineers’ work). Like most who worked on the park they are not allowed to publicise what they did so give them a quick cheer.


’twas ever thus – dry storage under canal bridges is so very useful πŸ™‚
Note how monumental the bridge beams/supports are…

Although the supports are monumental, the bridges themselves are quite attractive with their wooden decks.
We’re just approaching the stadium to get into place for the pre-show, which started at 7.30pm…

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