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Dog Blog: By our new guest dog blogger……

Posted by indigodream on 6 September, 2012

Boaty hadventure on the big lumpty bumpty river – 1 September 2012

*clears throat nervously….*

Let me hintroduce meself. My name is Dudley and I am a magnificent, shiny black boy who lives wiv a pretty white girly hound called Snowy (Snowdypops, to you) and we are helpin’ Auntie Sue wiv her

Yours speshal corrispondent – Dudley (the magnificent!)

blogging fingy, cos she’s busy makin’ jam or somefink like that…

The day started wiv mum and dad wakin’ us up at silly o’clock to go out for a walk, which was a bit rude cos we weren’t really ready to get up yet. Anyway, when we got back there was lots of packing of bags and puttin’ them near the going out door (we only go out that way when we’re goin’ somewhere speshul like seein’ our mates or to have a trip on the boat or the vets, but we don’t menshun that). We LOVES the boat, so I got very hexcited and wagged and wagged me tail so hard it did bleedin’ all on the wall and Mum sed “Oh Dudley…”

“Hexcuse me Duds, but it wasn’t just the wall you got, was it, Duds? You got me too, didn’t you Duds? All over me nice white fur, eh Duds, didn’t you Duds?”

 Stop your hinterruptions, Snowdypops, I is riting an himportant blog. Now where was I? Oh yes, hexcited about going in the car…

Anyway, turns out we didn’t go to our boat. No, we went a long and different way to a big city and to a big long blue metal boat speshally made for hounds. It belongs to Ollie, Lou and Ty, and their hu-mum and dad are Sue and Richard and they do the hard work while the hounds do more himportant fings like lookin’ and snoozin’ and eatin’ and such. It was a super hadventure, cos we hadn’t met Lou and Ollie before (Auntie Sue said Ty was busy bein’ wussy somewhere – I fink he must’ve knowed the river was bein’ bumpy, to tell you the troof!). Anyhoo we soon made friends, got settled and were reddy to go. We had to wear big bright coats wiv handles on in case we went swimmin’ by accident, which was silly cos no hound would surely want to swim in that lumpty bumpty river! Speshally not when there were sheepies to lay on and beds.

Roomies for four – and maybe mores – Auntie Sue duz luv us hounds….

“You had the biggest, sticky-outiest coat of everyone, didn’t you, Duds” *sniggers*

Shaddup Snowdypops! I’s bizzy!

Anyway, the humans all seemed very hexcited when the big doors opened onto the river from the lock. I did do some lookin’, and so did Snowy, Lou and Ollie, but it was lumpy and bumpy… And besides, some nice comfy beds and sheepies were put on the floor, so obviously it was snooze time… But even from our beds we could see lots of big brijes, fast boats and big houses and stuff goin by.

“Don’t forget to tell ’em about the chewds, Duds, and the bacond standwitch, and the cake, Duds. Don’t forget the cake…”

Will you plees stop your interruptin’! Now, I’s lost me place agen… Oh yes… chewds, we had chewds and bacond standwitches, which was very nice. Seems to me that Lou and Ollie and Ty are very lucky to be looked after so well. Maybe mum and dad will take some notice. Then we did a bit more snoozing’, but I finks the humans just kept on looking and natterin’ like what humans do.

Every sometimes I would get up, just to make sure that the boat was going the rite way and to have some fussin’s, but Lou and Ollie’s humans seemed like they knowed where to go. So I had meself another snooze… Next fing I knows, we’s stoppin’ in another of them lock thingies. Once we was through the lock, Richard tied a rope to the side and we all piled off for a bit of a rummage. We was quite glad cos we’d been on the boat for ages and ages and we all needed wees. We met some other dogs of all shapes and sizes, including another greyhound wiv a whippety friend, which was nice.

Lou doin’ lookin’ – that’s a famus bridge but not half as famus as us blogging houndies..

Then we got back on the boat for a bit more of a ride and we noticed that the lumpty bumpty had gone and the boat was quite steddy, so Auntie Sue said we could take our big bright coats off. I was quite glad, cos it was by now quite sunny and I was gettin’ a bit warm…

“Don’t forget the chickin dinner, Duds, that was soooo nice! I was a good girl and I helped clean up all the bowls ready for the cupboard, didn’t I, Duds?”

Yes, girl, you did. You was most helptful…

After a snoozy while, Auntie Sue got us hounds some dinners. I likes to stupervise when dinners is being got so I went to help by watchin’, and guess wot! We had roasted chickin! Real proper roasted chickin! I spect that was cos I was stupervisin’. Anyway we ate it all up… (I’s droolin’ just finkin’ bout it…). Snowy likes to make herself useful wiv bowls and such, so she went round to them all afterwards, makin’ sure they was clean for Auntie Sue to put back in the cupboard for next time. She’s quite good at tidyin’ up food.

Well, after such a lovely dinner we hounds all needed to have a good snooze while the humans did lookin’ and talkin’. Heventually we was back at the place where we got off for a rummage, but this time it was time to go home. We was sad to say goodbye to our friends, but we were very tired and slept all the way home in the car.

Can’t wait till the next time…

Snowdypops luffs a nice snooze…

We’s doin’ sinkronised lookin’ – I is hexcited….

Whoo hoo Auntie Sue, I is doin’ lookins at you 🙂

This our basic sinkronisation move – both looking the same way…

This hadvanced sinkronisation – lookin’ in different directions…

Ollie duz multi-taskin’ – he woz snoozin’ but also protectin’ the diesel by puttin’ his nose on the fuel cap – he is well clever!

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