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Dog Blog: Dog Swap!

Posted by indigodream on 9 September, 2012

Sunday 9th September

We’ve had agonies trying to decide what to do with Ty while we’re on holiday…..

He could come boating with us, but he hates it and is something of a baleful presence glaring at us from under the sofa. We had thought of leaving him with Richard’s mum, but a fortnight is a long time and last time he stayed there, Ty was a bit quiet – we think he was missing houndie company. But we couldn’t leave any hounds with him – Lou’s medication regime is so complicated I don’t actually trust it to anyone else; Ollie likes being out and about with us so there was no question of leaving him behind…

So, we needed plan C……

Tears of a clown – Henry is really missing his mummy, well, he will when he wakes up…honest!

After much semi-serious discussion with Greygal we came up with the most unlikely plan yet – a dog swap! Ty would go and stay in her house, with a pack of 8, while Henry hound (who has been cruising on Indigo Dream many times) would come for a week’s cruising holiday with us. Sarah, Andy and pack were due to join us next weekend to explore the upper reaches of the Thames anyway, so it seemed like a good opportunity to see how these alternative dog-sitting arrangements might work – Henry is one of the four that will be coming to stay with us for 3 weeks in December.

Sarah and Andy popped in this afternoon – on their way home from Cheshire to Suffolk – via Surrey – I think they need to check the settings on their satnav πŸ˜€

They had their four youngsters with them (Henry, Archie, Herbie and Eddie), having had a week on their own nb Greyhound, moored up in Swanley. We briefly discussed whether we should take Archie as well, but Sarah thought we’d have a more relaxing holiday if we stuck with just the three hounds πŸ™‚

The seven hounds had a good run around our house, ate a prodigious amount of food, then it was time to part…

Oh my goodness, I feel terrible – Ty got into their car happily enough, but when I looked in he was having a big jelly wobble. They’re back in Suffolk now and Sarah’s dominant girl, Susie, has given Ty a typically outspoken welcome and he’s immediately run upstairs to hide. Luckily Andy and Ty are soul mates so I’m sure that Ty will be comforted and cosseted, though early indications are that he will be a total big scaredy wuss jelly boy – we had thought that being in a bigger pack might boost his confidence (it does at home..). At least he’s found a place to hide – that’s all he needs really…

Henry, at first, seemed a bit bewildered by the peace and quiet in our house, as well as the large amount of space available. He enjoys lying in the garden – I was worried that he might be lonely, but he seemed quite happy lying there watching the world not going by (our garden is very quiet). He’s settled indoors now and is so fast asleep that I keep checking whether he’s still breathing! I have told him that he should at least pretend to miss his mummy, but he’s had a busy day and snoozing is important πŸ™‚

Henry is an all-action hound, so we anticipate that he will enjoy a week’s cruising – I can only hope that Ty settles and doesn’t spend the entire week casting a cloud of gloom over Sarah’s house!


These were taken during the romp that the hounds had together this afternoon…

Archie hound is a perfect photographic model – he’s always looking into the lens – no matter how fast he’s running….

Flying greyhound – Archie, again – no, sorry, that’s Eddie

Ollie (in the foreground) giving the youngsters a bit of stick…

Eddie, Sarah’s most recent addition, has really settled in – she’s had him for just over 6 months – about the same amount of time as we’ve had Ollie…

Eddie (in front) whom Sarah adopted because he was being overlooked in kennels because he is blind in one eye with a cataract and Herbie – formerly known as Tiny Tim because he was rescued emaciated after being found as a stray…actually that might be Archie..

Henry, our house guest, being very obedient as Richard has nice treats in his hand!

So Henry, how nice was that treat??

7 Responses to “Dog Blog: Dog Swap!”

  1. So that’s us in tears then, it’s been a tears sort of day. Look at those guys just going bonkers – lovely. Tears aren’t always bad xx

  2. indigodream said

    Oh Jill, big hugs coming your way, but I well up myself when I see these hounds so happy and healthy – especially when they’ve had a tough life before finding their forever sofas…

  3. Greygal said

    Hello, it’s Ty babize here. Ize is not a jelly boy this mornin, ize snoozin downstares on the karpet, and i iznt even puffin. i didz walkz erlier and there woz traffik and peeple and noyz and I was veri gud. Not too happi abowt the lack of fud tho…mummi sue sed herbie wuld be steelin stuff from the kitchin all the time and i woz bownd to get lucky and share in some snafeld skoff. no sutch lck. fink henry must be the ring leeder really as evriwon here is reellly reeelly well behaved now. i iz qwite happy here – better than the boat by far!! and arnty sarah’s mummi duz the best fussin and sez i is hansum!

  4. neil said

    Doesn’t Andy object to being called a total big scaredy wuss jelly boy, or have I got it wrong?


  5. indigodream said

    Oh the perils of sloppy grammar!

    For the record, Andy is NOT a big scaredy wuss jellyboy but he and Ty do share a great love of comfy beds πŸ˜€

  6. Lesley said

    Andy…don’t believe her, that wasn’t really a grammatical slip and anyway, what’s wrong with being a big scaredy wuss jelly boy?
    Lovely pics and big silly grins on faces this side of the screen!
    Enjoy your hols..
    X Lesley

  7. Greygal said

    For the record, Andy can be quite a big scaredy wuss jelly boy…when you say things like no, there are no more Scotch eggs….or, yes, it is 5.30am and no, you can’t carry on sleeping. And I must defend Ty who is manning up wonderfully….

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