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Archive for October 7th, 2012

Dog Blog: Henry’s Holleedaze – posticardies to me mumi (1)…

Posted by indigodream on 7 October, 2012

Note from Arnty Sue: Henry send his mummy lots of postcards but everyone knows that postcards always arrive weeks after you get home ūüôā

Sundie 9ff Septimber    Deer mumi
I is lurnin’ wot ‘persnal space’ is – to be onest, I duzn’t kno wot to do wif all this piss an qwiet tho I did have a bum-bitin’ race wif Ollie – I duzn’t kno who wun tho coz arnty Sue sed “play nicely boys” – huh!
This is me relaxin’ – Ollie lent me his bed coz Ty took HIS bed on holeedaze but I notice that you didn’ts leave ME a bed. Never minds, Is not sufferin’ too much…¬† xxxxx Henry B Beanz

Mundie 10ff Septimber      Deer Mumi
Today I’z dun helpin’ – this is me reedin’ the hexpiry dates – Iz hoffered to eat up any food wot Arnty Sue duzn’t fancy. I iz NOT tryin’ to steel food…Dids I mention that Arnty Sue has brilliant idees like brekfist an’ snax before beddies? I finks we shud have these fings too… xxxx Henry B Beanz

Mundie 10ff Septimber     Deer Mumi
I’s a hoffishul Olympic ‘Looker’ – see see, I’s got a proper Olympic volunteer lookin’ after me tho I duzn’s know if it counts coz them trousers is def’nitly not hoffishul uniform. I hopes I is not diskwalified… xxx Henry B Beanz

Toosdie 11ff Septimber      Deer Mumi
Eeeek – Richard sez we’z got have our noses polished is we’s goin’ to be a hoffishul Olympic lookin’ team – wots duz you fink?¬† xxx Henry B Beanz

Toosdie 11f Septimber      Deer Mumi
Me an’ Ollie doin’ Olympic lookin’ coz our noses iz offishully clean an’ shiny – we’z very smart!¬† xxxx Henry B Beanz

Toosdie 11ff Septimber      Deer Mumi
I is practisin’ Olympic “under the duvet” lookin’ wot wud be a sooper sport for ‘tired houndies coz we wud be sooper gud at it!
O’ COURSE me eyes is open under the duvet – if me eyes wozn’t open it’d be Olympic snoozin’….¬† xxxx Henry B Beanz

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