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Dog Blog: Henry’s Holleedaze – posticardies to me mumi (1)…

Posted by indigodream on 7 October, 2012

Note from Arnty Sue: Henry send his mummy lots of postcards but everyone knows that postcards always arrive weeks after you get home ūüôā

Sundie 9ff Septimber    Deer mumi
I is lurnin’ wot ‘persnal space’ is – to be onest, I duzn’t kno wot to do wif all this piss an qwiet tho I did have a bum-bitin’ race wif Ollie – I duzn’t kno who wun tho coz arnty Sue sed “play nicely boys” – huh!
This is me relaxin’ – Ollie lent me his bed coz Ty took HIS bed on holeedaze but I notice that you didn’ts leave ME a bed. Never minds, Is not sufferin’ too much…¬† xxxxx Henry B Beanz

Mundie 10ff Septimber      Deer Mumi
Today I’z dun helpin’ – this is me reedin’ the hexpiry dates – Iz hoffered to eat up any food wot Arnty Sue duzn’t fancy. I iz NOT tryin’ to steel food…Dids I mention that Arnty Sue has brilliant idees like brekfist an’ snax before beddies? I finks we shud have these fings too… xxxx Henry B Beanz

Mundie 10ff Septimber     Deer Mumi
I’s a hoffishul Olympic ‘Looker’ – see see, I’s got a proper Olympic volunteer lookin’ after me tho I duzn’s know if it counts coz them trousers is def’nitly not hoffishul uniform. I hopes I is not diskwalified… xxx Henry B Beanz

Toosdie 11ff Septimber      Deer Mumi
Eeeek – Richard sez we’z got have our noses polished is we’s goin’ to be a hoffishul Olympic lookin’ team – wots duz you fink?¬† xxx Henry B Beanz

Toosdie 11f Septimber      Deer Mumi
Me an’ Ollie doin’ Olympic lookin’ coz our noses iz offishully clean an’ shiny – we’z very smart!¬† xxxx Henry B Beanz

Toosdie 11ff Septimber      Deer Mumi
I is practisin’ Olympic “under the duvet” lookin’ wot wud be a sooper sport for ‘tired houndies coz we wud be sooper gud at it!
O’ COURSE me eyes is open under the duvet – if me eyes wozn’t open it’d be Olympic snoozin’….¬† xxxx Henry B Beanz

4 Responses to “Dog Blog: Henry’s Holleedaze – posticardies to me mumi (1)…”

  1. To the untrained eye, Henry & Ollie look so alike. I don’t expect they do to you and Sarah though

  2. indigodream said

    I find it very easy to tell which one is which, I just look at the tags.


  3. indigodream said

    Telling the difference between two black hounds is easy (even without collars and tags :-)) – it’s when we’ve got six running around (as will in December) that it gets more tricky ūüôā

  4. Greygal said

    So touching to see that you’re really missing your mummy, Henry Beanz. Separation anxiety curtailing your appetite? Stressed and unable to sleep? Yeah, looks like it. Ungrateful hound. And I guess you’ll be wanting breakfast and bedtime snacks when you get back? Ha!

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