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Dog Blog: Henry’s Holleedaze – posticardies to me mumi (2)…

Posted by indigodream on 9 October, 2012

Toosdie Septimber 11ff     Deer Mumi
Arnty Sue sez that I haz bin framed for all the michiffsIz haccused of at home – she sez I is the perfick hound – I luffs Arnty Sue, so Is jumped jumped into her bed to keep it warm for her wen she woz in the barfroom – Richard neerly give me a big kiss but then he opened his eyes and reelized it woz me – ooops! xxxx Henry B Beanz

Toosdie Septimber 11ff Deer Mumi
Iz gettin lots of rest – Arnty Sue sed she ‘borrowed’ me coz they woz missin’ havin’ a lively dog about the place – coulds you pleeze text her and tell her that I is retired AND I is on holeedaze…Fanks a million xxxxx Henry B Beanz

Toosdie 11th Septimber Deer Mumi
Iz had a sosidge in a Italian caff – this is me sad face coz the sosidges is all gone. I luffs the caff – there woz lots of peeple who sed “aaaaaw aren’t they luffly” coz me an’ Lou an’ Ollie woz sooper well-behaved – I gots lots of fuss, and a sosidge and sum garlic bread – did I mention the sosidge?  xxxx Henry B Beanz

Toosdie 11th Septimber Deer Mumi
Lou luffs me – she don’t share her sofa wif every hound!
Iz lurning so much stuff here, like about lie-ins and brekfist. Arnty Sue made us stoo for tea – I woz hoiffshul meat-checker wot has to eats bits of steak before she puts it in our stoo. Iz not had to steel any fud coz iz a 24-hour buffit for houndie here! I is as happy as a houndie can be and I is havin’ the bestest holeedaze eva. xxxx Henry B Beanz

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