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Archive for October 12th, 2012

Dog Blog: Henry’s Holleedaze – posticardies to me mumi (3)…

Posted by indigodream on 12 October, 2012

Thursdie 12ff Septimber Deer Mumi
We’s bin to Cookham today – I’s wee’d in Cookham before so it woz borin’ but I dids have a paddle in the river wif Lou. I fort Lou woz me new bestest girlfirend but looks – she’s bin sooper mean an’ hoggin’ ALL of the sofa so I’s had to make do wif a dog bed, two cushins, two sheepies an’ laters, Arnty Sue gave ma a pillow so I wouldn’t crick me neck. I duzn’t kno how Is goin’ to get any sleeps but Is will try me best… xxxx Henry B Beanz

Toodsie 12ff Septimber Deer mumi
LOOK! Is doin’ zoomies – Arnty Sue sez I duzn’t need a lead or a muzzle or anyfink – is perfick! Iz dun rummagin’ wif Ollie but after five minits I woz hexhorseted – is a big dilemma – I woz even too tireds to eat me supper, well, me second supper. I woz goin’ to have an ‘mergency snooz but I thoughts that Arnty Sue’s cup of tea might wake me hup a bit so I’s just helped meself to a little bit. Cor, wots a fuss, I’s only had a teensy bit, there woz plenty of tea left in the mug for Arnty Sue but she sed she didn’t wont it any more – between you and me, Mumi, I finks that Arnty Sue is a bit fussy…xxx Henry B Beanz

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