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Dog Blog: Henry’s Holleedaze – posticardies to me mumi (3)…

Posted by indigodream on 12 October, 2012

Thursdie 12ff Septimber Deer Mumi
We’s bin to Cookham today – I’s wee’d in Cookham before so it woz borin’ but I dids have a paddle in the river wif Lou. I fort Lou woz me new bestest girlfirend but looks – she’s bin sooper mean an’ hoggin’ ALL of the sofa so I’s had to make do wif a dog bed, two cushins, two sheepies an’ laters, Arnty Sue gave ma a pillow so I wouldn’t crick me neck. I duzn’t kno how Is goin’ to get any sleeps but Is will try me best… xxxx Henry B Beanz

Toodsie 12ff Septimber Deer mumi
LOOK! Is doin’ zoomies – Arnty Sue sez I duzn’t need a lead or a muzzle or anyfink – is perfick! Iz dun rummagin’ wif Ollie but after five minits I woz hexhorseted – is a big dilemma – I woz even too tireds to eat me supper, well, me second supper. I woz goin’ to have an ‘mergency snooz but I thoughts that Arnty Sue’s cup of tea might wake me hup a bit so I’s just helped meself to a little bit. Cor, wots a fuss, I’s only had a teensy bit, there woz plenty of tea left in the mug for Arnty Sue but she sed she didn’t wont it any more – between you and me, Mumi, I finks that Arnty Sue is a bit fussy…xxx Henry B Beanz

One Response to “Dog Blog: Henry’s Holleedaze – posticardies to me mumi (3)…”

  1. Greygal said

    Dear HB, yes, auntie Sue may be a bit fussy about you sticking your big schnoz in her tea but remember, she does breakfast and bedtime snacks, makes very comfy beds, shares her leftovers with you, gives you triple suppers and generally spoils you so rotten that I’m amazed you can do zoomies when you’re such a fat pudding. So don’t complain or there’ll be no holidays at the end of the year

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