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Dog Blog: Henry’s Holleedaze – posticardies to me mumi (4)…

Posted by indigodream on 16 October, 2012

Fridie 14ff Septimber
Deer Mumi
I’s had a luffly snooze so now Iz got energies for rummagin’ wif me best pal Ollie – this is us sniffin’ where Lou’s dun wees (coz you gets into big trubbles if you sniffs her actooal bottom).
This is me favrit mooring eva… xxx Henry B Beanz

Fridie 14ff Septimber
Deer Mumi
Iz bin paddlin’ wif Lou but Iz only got me toes wet just in case – Iz not a diva like Archie….
Lou sed “come in for a proper paddle” but I runned away coz I didn’t wont to gets me delicate boys bits all cold… xxx Henry B Beanz

Fridie 14ff Septimber
Deer Mumi
This me doin’ zoomies back to Arnty Sue – I luffs my Arnty Sue – did’s I mention that she gived me a luffly brekfist this mornin’ – it woz yogurt ands hunny ands piches – ‘cept I duzn’t like piches. Me brekfist woz disturbed by thsi funny buzzin’ noise tho – I couldn’t work out wot it woz then I reelized it woz Arnty Su goin’ on about sumfink – wot’s that Arnty Sue – that woz YOUR brekfist? But it couldn’ts be – you woz drivin’ the boat an’ the bowl woz like just in the right spot for me…
On the subject of brekfist, mumi, I luffs hot chikkin, an’ yogurt an’ hunny (but not piches) so maybe at home we coulds have hot chikkin roasted wif hunny wif a dollow of yogurt on the side – that mights be sooper-licious.
Arnty Sue sez that the yogurt woz “no fat” so Iz not a fat puddin’ at all – an I did zoomies wif a tennis ball – so there! xxx Henry B Beanz

Fridie 14ff Septimber Deer Mumi
If Arnty Sue duz have a fault it’s that she’s always disturbin’ me snoozy time – sumtimes wif the camera, sumtimes wif a treet, sumtimes wif me dinna, sumtimes wif a hextra pilloo or a blanki and sumtimes she distrubes me wif a cuddle – is a hawful hard life for a houndie. Before I cums on holidaze agen maybe you coulds write sum hinstructions for Artny Sue so that she knows wen its hok to distrubs me and wen she shud let me snooze in peace. I wuds be ever so grateful if you coulds do that for me mumi… xxxx Henry B Beanz

Fridie 14ff Septimber Deer Mumi
Arnty Sue tooks me to the pub tonight – Iz neva bin to the pub before – this is me lookin’ all shy coz I wozn’t sure wots to do. Lou an’ Ollie lay straight down on their sheepies but Iz ‘membered wot Poppy Puppy sed – if you stands in the way then you gets lots of fuss. Arnty Sue sed that ev’ryone in the village gived me a fuss and sed “aaaw he’s so gorgeous”. Is had ham ‘n chips for me tee – I qwite likes the pub – maybe I coulds go to the pub wif you tho’ we’d have to leave hansum Archie at home coz he’d get more fusses than me.
So, brekfist, snax before beddies an now the pub – I luffs all these new fings wot I has lunrt on holidaze – but is ok – I duzn’t mind if I can’t hafs them at home if I can cum on lots of holidaze wif Arnty Sue… xxx Henry B Beanz

2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Henry’s Holleedaze – posticardies to me mumi (4)…”

  1. Greygal said

    Don’t worry HB, your next holiday is all booked! Not long to wait now until hot chikkin nirvana is yours

  2. indigodream said

    I can’t wait for his next holidays – he was a pleasure to look after – I am just practising a new offal stew recipe so that I am properly prepared 🙂

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