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Archive for October 28th, 2012

Dog Blog: Seven go boating….

Posted by indigodream on 28 October, 2012

Deers everypawdy

I can’t send posticardies to me mumi this weekend becoz me mumi is HERE!

So I’s sendin’ YOU posticardies hinsted – oh, and Eddie’s sent sum too but he’s ‘oirish’ so don’t mind his langwidge – he’s not a literararary hound like me!

xxx Henry B Beanz

We’s had a hooge houndie hadventure – Arnty Sue woz so excitid becoz she’s neva eva taken a pictshure of without a single houndie bottom pointin’ at the lens. Can you work out who’s who – you’s will neva guess teh boyz so the ansa’s in the next pictshure xxx Henry B Beanz

Anti Sue woz even more hexcitid here coz Ty is almost lookin’ brave – that’s Ty on the left, then ME, then Archie, then Eddie, then Herbie then little Ollie – Lou’s in the back, wot is a wurry, coz she duz like bitin’ bums if she finks she’s being left behind. xxxx Henry B Beanz

Top ‘o the mornin’ to ye all – this is Eddie here – me ma sez I’m de t’ick one, but ta be sure, who cares when you’re as good lookin’ as me – “handsome is as handsome does” so dey say – I’ll be taking that to mean I can get away wit’ anything.
This is me lookin’ fer sqwirrils – squwirrils are the the very divvil ye knows – I may be t’ick but I knows me roight from me wrong – and sqwirrils are just wrong… xxx Eddie

‘Allo me old muckers, Herbie Hound ‘ere, in case you woz wonderin’, that’s the black dog, the silver hound on the tiller duzn’t ‘ave a name, poor sod, and is prob’ly the best behaved greyhound eva. Now I’ve got a reputashun for for bein’ most naughty hound eva coz I keep ‘elpin’ meself to food – any food, if I can reach it’s mine, common sense eh? But come on, that’s not ‘stealing’, it’s foragin’, “very on trend” I sez to me dear old mum. But I don’t fink she’s buyin’ it – maybe Arnty Sue will fall for it – she’s on the “soppy list” wot gets passed round ev’ry grey in the know, nudge nudge, wink wink….
Now, I used to be called “Tiny Tim” coz I woz a stray wot got very fin on haccount of havin’ no cupboards to forage in, but I see meself as more of “artful dodger” ….xxx Herbie

H’ok – Henry here wif your houndie puzzle numba 3 – who is who in diz pictshure? I’s will give you a clue – big scaredy wuss jellyboy Ty is hidin’ inside wif his head under the sofa….good lucks xxx Henry B Beanz

At last, a pictshure of a houndie’s bottom – Arnty Sue’s speciality – this is our new pal Handsome Pa wot lives at Northmoor Lock and sez ‘hello’ to ev’rywun, ‘cept he’s a bit shy. But see, even his bottom is handsum 🙂
xxx Henry B Beanz

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