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Dog Blog: Seven go boating (2)

Posted by indigodream on 30 October, 2012

15th/16th Septimber

I is very sad coz this is the last of me posticardies coz I hads to go home wif me mumi an’ the pack – I has had a hamazin’ holeedaze and hope I can stay wif me favrit Arnty agen soon. But I woz very tried, so it woz qwite nice to get home to me bed and snuggle up to me nanny and drink her tee wifout anyone complainin’…

I hopes youz all henjoyed me posticardies – Is will be ritin’ much more wen I’s next on holeedaze wif Arnty Sue – me mumi’s goin’ on holeedaze then too and will needs to know ev’ry day that we is up to mischif being sooper good….

xxx Henry B Beanz

Top o the mornin’ to ye all, now will ye look at that, bejesus Archie, you’ll be turning the milk sour wid that face – sort yerself out boy…
xx Eddie (de t’ick oirish one)

That’s me, Eddie, de oirish one, wif me old gerl Lou – she’s one fine lookin’ hound, to be sure, but begorrah she’s got a tongue on her…

This is me, your holeedaze corispondent – I’s just restin’ me eyes, reely. Snoozin’? Oh no, I can’t be snoozin’, I might miss sum himportant news… xxx Henry B Beanz

This is me best frend Archie, wot has got his proper face on now – this is his “cum to bed” face – ‘cept he just wonts your bed, he duzn’t wont you in it wif him, ‘cept wen he needs a pillow, or a back rest, or if he gets a bit chillies….
xxx Henry B Beanz

We’s the four musketeers – geddit? That’s me an’ Herbie an’ Eddie an’ Archie, wot Arnty Sue sed is the handsomest and the youngest so he is her D’artagnan.
O’ course, we’s all looking at those doggies are on the bank – they is runnin’ wild through a field of cows – jellus? Us? We duz luv to chase, but we dun’t luv gettin’ kikked in the hed by a angry cow!
xxx Henry B Beanz

Wen we gets bored of Olympic lookin’ we luvs a game of houndie ‘twister’ on the back deck 🙂
xxx Henry B Beanz

Holeedaze is hexorstin’ – guess who this is – BIG clue – is not ME!
xxx Henry B Beanz

Snooies and sunbafin’ – that’s a proper holleedaze…
xxx Henry B Beanz
ps. I is not in this photo eifer!

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