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Dog Blog: Living with Canine Cancer (7) – Lou’s Special Recipes

Posted by indigodream on 1 November, 2012

Thursday 1st November 2012

Since I’ve published Lou’s cancer ‘diaries’, other people have contacted me for advice and support, as well as giving me support in return – it’s much appreciated. I’m often asked for recipes for a various things I’ve made to keep Lou fed and hydrated when she’s been at her most ill. So, for reference, here are some of Lou’s favourite dishes.

Now, here’s a caution, my hounds are complete dustbins, they do not have any allergies or food intolerances so I’m not worried about giving them dairy or wheat products. I do try to avoid salt and obvious dog toxins, like raisins/dark chocolate/onions etc; the jury’s out on whether garlic is ok – I tend to avoid it but they have eaten cooked garlic in leftovers and not suffered any harm. These recipes are intended as a supplement for sick dogs that simply aren’t eating and just need some calories; obviously they so make a nice occasional treat for other dogs who are getting a nutritionally balanced diet elsewhere.

In addition to the food, when Lou was suffering with radiation side-effects, black tea made an effective and evidence-based mouth/throat rinse (cooled and squirted round the mouth with a syringe).

I’ve also been asked about our experience with Lymphoma – it was a hard journey and I’m glad I blogged about it. Here are the links to the posts:

Special Recipes:

Liver Cake:

There are many many versions of this popular snack and training treat – here’s mine!

500g lamb or chicken liver (raw or boiled – the pre-boiled liver makes a ‘softer’ cake – see below)

3 eggs

Plain flour

Milk to mix

Liquidise the liver in a blender and put in a mixing bowl with the 3 eggs – beat well; add flour until the mixture binds to a ‘soft dropping’ consistency (splats gently off a spoon); if the mixture become too thick then you can add a bit of milk to get the right consistency. Turn into a shallow cake tin (a 9″ round sponge tin works well); bake at 180 degrees C for 40 minutes – depending on your over, you may want to give it another 10 – 15 minutes if still seems ‘raw’ in the middle.

Pre-boiling the liver gives a soft moist cake which is very good for wrapping round tablets if you need to give them medication!

Offal Risotto

Don’t worry about getting the right ‘al dente’ consistency – well, not unless your hounds are big fans of masterchef!

Doggie bread ‘n butter pudding – aka “Crime Pays”….

500g of offal – I use a mixture of heart, liver and kidneys depending on what’s cheap
Boiling water, home-made chicken stock or stock made with a low-salt stock cube
500g risotto or paella rice (paella rice is half the price and gives the same results)

Chop the offal into small chunks (about the size of a thumb) – put in a BIG pan and cover with a generous amount of boiling water. Boil the meat for 30 minutes until cooked then add the rice to the pan – simmer for around 20 minutes, topping up with boiling water regularly if it looks as if it’s running dry. The finished product should still have some liquid and the rice should be moist and sticky.

My friend boils finely chopped carrot with her meat for the risotto but Lou, Ty and Ollie don’t like carrots!

Liver Ice Cream

400g chicken livers, boiled then blended until smooth
Add 150ml double cream and whip the mixture until it starts to thicken
Chill the mixture
When cold, transfer the mixture to an ice-cream maker and churn until frozen (took about 10 minutes in my machine)

If you don’t have an ice-cream maker then you can put the mixture into the freezer and stir it every hour or so (to break up any crystals) until it is frozen.

Doggie Bread ‘n Butter Pudding aka “Crime Pays

Made when the hounds stole a loaf of my cooling home-made bread but didn’t quite finish eating it – I used the leftovers to make this:

Thinly sliced bread – enough to make three layers of your pie dish
2 eggs
three-quarters of a pint of milk
Handful of grated cheese
Handful of chopped cooked sausage e.g. kabanos, frankfurter

* Grease the pie dish with butter
* Butter the bread – put a layer of bread in the bottom of the dish, buttered side up
* Sprinkle some grated cheese and sausage onto the bread
* Add another layer of buttered bread
* Add another sprinkling of cheese and sausage
* Add a top layer of bread – buttered side up
* Warm the milk gently in a pan or microwave – do not boil!
* Beat the eggs in a large-ish bowl
* Pour the warm milk over the eggs and stir
* Pour the egg/milk mixture onto the layered bread
* Allow to soak for half an hour
* Bake in a moderate oven, 180 degrees C, for 30 – 40 minutes until ‘set’ and golden brown

Rice Pudding

3oz (around 100g) of pudding or risotto or paella rice

2 pints milk – I often use a mixture of double cream and milk to bulk up the calories

1oz (around 30g) sugar – you could use a tablespoon of honey or omit the sugar altogether; I like to put a bit of sugar in because I can steal a bowlful then!

Mix the ingredients in an ovenproof pudding basin; bake in a slow over 160 degrees C for 1½ – 2 hours until the rice is soft.

Offal Stew

500g meat – stewing steak, lamb’s kidneys, lamb or ox heart or a mixture


2 pints (approx.) hot water or stock

Chop the meat into small pieces and toss in a bowl of flour until the meat is evenly coated. Heat some oil in a pan (preferable a heavy-bottomed casserole pan), brown the floured meat then pour over the stock – stir until the mixture boils again. Allow to simmer for 1 hour OR transfer to an oven-proof dish and bake in a slow over (160 – 170 degree C) for an hour.

You can add vegetables e.g. carrots if your dogs like them; I sometimes thicken the mixture with a couple of chopped potatoes or a handful of rice.

Chicken stock for dogs

This basic stock does not have any seasonings – you can add vegetables such as carrots (not onions) if you want. The stock is useful for soaking food to make it easier to swallow or it can be used as a base for the risotto and stew (recipe above).

1kg chicken wings (you can use other cuts e.g. thighs/legs, but wings give a jelly stock)

Water to cover

Place the wings in a large saucepan and cover with water (cold or boiling); bring to the boil and allow to simmer for around an hour. Strain off the liquid and allow to cool – skim the fat off the top when cool. The stock can be stored for several days in the fridge or frozen for use later. The meat from the chicken wings can obviously be stripped off the bone and added to their food!

3 Responses to “Dog Blog: Living with Canine Cancer (7) – Lou’s Special Recipes”

  1. Kath said

    I can’t believe this – I just sat and read all these recipies! I don’t even have a dog 🙂
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. Kath said

    I can’t believe this – I just sat and read all these recipes! I don’t even have a dog 🙂
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  3. indigodream said

    But you have a husband, Kath, don’t feel that you have to steal a loaf and roll it in a manky old dog bed before you make him a savoury bread ‘n butter pudding 🙂

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