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Boat Blog: New Thames Information Website

Posted by indigodream on 6 November, 2012

5th November 2012

The launch of Thames Cruising – a new blog/website containing essential information for cruising the tidal Thames and River Wey; also on Twitter – @Thamescruising

Our current ‘signature’ photo – we hope to add many more to the website as we go along…

Back in August, we published a post with lots of links to information about cruising the tidal Thames. We published the post in response to changes to the CRT website which made it increasingly difficult to access what we think are the most useful tideway cruising guides. The feedback that we’ve had has been positive – boaters have appreciated having the information in one place. But Indigo Dream’s blog has a limited readership and information posts are soon buried by the infinitely more important (and more popular) dog blogs!

A couple of weeks ago, Kathryn of nb Leo No 2, whom we befriended during the jubilee preparations, got in touch to enrol us to the cause of setting up a separate website with the Thames cruising information, as well as information on her beloved home water – the River Wey.

Like most good ideas, it started in the the pub – we got together at the Anchor in Pyrford, which, incidentally is under new management and much much better, as well as now being dog-friendly.

But back to the plot – we spent a pleasant evening coming up with names for the new website, testing each one to check whether the domain name was still available. Amazingly, Thames (and all the variants) was available – we registered it immediately (well, ok, the minute we got home). We generated an extensive list of what information should be included – I put all the ideas into my notebook, wondering how on earth we were going to get it all organised.

But we all had a tremendously productive weekend – Richard registered the domain name, set up a blog/website with WordPress and designed the core structures. In the meantime, Kathryn and I got busy with the content. A week later, after much tweaking from the three of us, we have a live website – it has most of the information that you’ll need in order to cruise the tideway safely, but we are still adding photos and various bits and pieces as well as giving the site a good de-bugging and proof-read.

We would like to thank Kathryn for prodding us to do something  more inclusive than just squirrelling the information away on our own blog! We also owe thanks to Andrew Phasey of St Pancras Cruising Club and Jeremy Batch at Limehouse Lock who have produced many of the tideway guides that we’ve linked to in the new site; we also need to thank them for the practical advice and support that they’ve given us over many years of cruising the magnificent Thames tideway.

We hope that you’ll find the new website to be a useful resource – we would welcome your feedback – both on the content and on its ‘navigability’ – please be gentle – this is the first website we’ve built without the help of our more literate greyhounds 🙂

4 Responses to “Boat Blog: New Thames Information Website”

  1. Carol said

    Looks very promising – something that has been needed for some time! Very well done.

  2. Eddie Rodgers said

    But what do the hounds think of it that what we want to know?

  3. indigodream said

    You are so right Eddie – they’ve been strangely silent on the matter – maybe because the new website has no mention of sosidges!

  4. Doug said

    Hi Sue, Thanks for your comment on the blog, can’t find your e-mail address to give you more info on here so thought it best to leave a message this way, the pool is for all dogs, whether for exercise or therapy, quite a lot of people from London come down here as Its the nearest pool to them as there are very few in the country, its £9 for half an hour, they give them swimming aids if they don’t float/swim too well, it really energizes Oscar even at his ripe old age of 15 next week! as he can’t walk much now, but can swim for ever it seems as there is no weight on him in the water. Their website and details are Julie the owner is so helpful, Best Wishes Doug nb Chance

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