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Archive for November 20th, 2012

Boat Blog: End of an Era

Posted by indigodream on 20 November, 2012

Rewind to Saturday 29th September

With Indigo Dream safely tucked up at the Thames and Kennet marina for a fortnight, we had a free weekend. But what to do?

nb Greyhound looking mighty fine (and that is before she got tidied up for a sale)

Well, my weekend was set for me – Lou was really unwell this week after suffering an awful drug interaction – the story’s here – and ending up in houndie hospital. She was discharged on the Saturday, but she wasn’t really well enough for much activity, so that was that.

But Richard (with my blessing I should add) spent Saturday crewing for Sarah and Andy on their No 1 narrowboat, Greyhound.

It truly is the end of an era – nb Greyhound was on her way from her winter home in Sawley to ABNB broker’s in Crick. Yes, Sarah and Andy are selling nb Greyhound to fund the next stage of “project liveaboard”. That’s not my story to tell, though we do spend a lot of time discussing it! Of course, she won’t be left without a narrowboat – her 40′ runaround, Henry H, is currently being restored in Braunston and will, along with Indigo Dream, assuage their cruising withdrawal syndrome!

If you’re interested in making a bid for nb Greyhound then you’ll find her brochure here – nb Greyhound sales brochure

Sarah and Andy had had an epic week’s cruising since we’d last seen them, cruising from Sawley and through Birmingham via the notorious Wolverhampton 21. The next stage was the long drop down from Birmingham.

Richard joined them near the top of the Lapworth flight (one of our favourites!), with his bike. Judging by the texts I received during the day, there followed a day of near supersonic locking – they got down the Lapworth, Hatton and Cape locks in a day (we’ve done that trip up in a day before) and Richard was virtually home in time for tea!

Note from Richard: I would have been home earlier but we stopped for a pint! I joined Sarah & Andy a few locks down from the top, yes shock, horror they had got up early. We got down from there in 90 minutes. Going down Hatton we joined up with a game couple who had a boat with a remote control throttle, yes, I want one! Hatton and Cape took 2 hours 15 minutes, we sadly missed the 2 hour target as we waited for one boat to come up through locks set their way and their progress up was a bit slower then we thought it would be! It was a fantastic day’s cruising, it’s time I did a lock or two!

A few more photos:

Andy learning bad habits …

Almost at the bottom, Lapworth is such a pretty flight

Getting a bit flash ….

Sarah is keen not to damage her blacking!

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