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Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze…

Posted by indigodream on 26 November, 2012

The secrit of a good holidaze is good plannin’ – so I’s bin texting step-mummi Sue hevery day so’s she’s reddy for me 🙂

Deer step-mummi Sue (yooz haz bin promotid),

Weez megger xcitid cos it’ll soon be holidaze agen.  I haz hidun mummi’s fone in my bed as I dont won’t to risk her briefing agenst me. Lyke tellin yu ize not to have hot chikkins wenz I luffs hot chikkins. Or that ize a bad boy that duz rippins.  I nose yu understand me witch is why I iz so lookin forwud to my holidaze.

 Xxx Henry B Beanz

Dear Henry

I’m so pleased that you got in touch – we’re excited too. Your mummy did say something about your being a big pudding and needing a diet, but there’s no need to worry – you’re coming on holiday, no-one diets on holiday

xxx Step-mummi Sue  ps. I like my promotion 🙂

Deer step-mummi sue,

Me, Herbs and Arch are xcitid cos we knose we are definitly cumming to stay and eat hot chikkins for a munf. Mummi Sarah – who iz not as nice a mummi as yu – haznt decidid who else to bring. Duz she bring Eddie, the big thick Irish puddin whoze a bit mioppick, or duz she bring monty, whoze a big jelly barky wuss boy an eatz postmens shortz?

 I dunt no why it carnt be just the three of us – more chikkin that way. Mummi Sarah is wurried as well that yooz have no idea wot you ar lettin yorself in for – charming! Woznt I the bestest Beanz ever on holidaze? And arch is yor speshal jiggolo. And herbs…well herbs looks out for yor well-bein by eatin the things you wont to eat but shudnt. Likes icescream, chocklit, biskits, well, anyfing reelly. Yu will have a nice immpromptwo diet befor Xmas! Herbs is fortful that way. Only 9 sleepz to go now!

 Luffs, HB

Fis is me, Henry B Beanz, I alwayz haz a pensil so I’s can rite down himportant messigis for step-mummi Sue – sumtimes mean mummi Sarah duzn’t let me have her phone – huh!!

Dear Henry

Don’t you worry about getting enough love – you’re my special boy and there will always be enough to go round (and enough hot chicken!). We’d be happy to look after Monty – it might be nice for Lou to have an oldie to keep her company.

 xxxx Step-mummy Sue

Dear Henry

Today I’ve been clearing up and dusting upstairs so that there is enough room for you all to sleep and so that you don’t get wheezy asthma from dust during your visit! We’re almost ready for you…

 xxxx Step-mummy Sue

Deer step-mummi sue,

 I iz so xcitid, I mite wizz myself. Luvvin my step mummi sue. How iz the treatz stash lookin? Iz it piled high with guddies? With my name on them?

 xxx HB

Dear Henry

The treat pile is looking great – they’ve got your name on because Lou has to have some dental work and may not have enough teeth to eat them and Ollie doesn’t Like treats, though you may have to share with Ty. I will be ordering lots of chickens!

 xxxx Step-mummy Sue

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