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Archive for November 28th, 2012

Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze..

Posted by indigodream on 28 November, 2012

Youz own corrispondent…

Dear Henry

Just so that you know we’re ready for you, Ty chewed the remote control of the TV that we borrowed from the repair place, the remote that we have to give back to the shop! He could have chewed any of our old remotes but no, it had to the newest, most embarrassing one! And Lou had a poo on the carpet yesterday and Ty raided the bin – we are totally ready for you 🙂

Ooh, I though you’d like to know that we’re formally adopting Ollie 🙂

xxxx Mummy Sue

Hello step mummi,

Ize also didz chewin of the remote and I had a litel haccident this mornin cos mum and dad slept layte so I iz totely reddy for you too. Its nyce that u is doptin Ols – keep doptin dogz that don’t do chewz.

Seez you soon, luffs HB.

Ps. Mummi iz gettin anoid she can’t find her fone as its still in me bed so I can keep in tutch with my favrit step mummi

Fis is Monty wot is ancient – but gurls luffs stripy brindles – huh!

Dear Henry

I have a little job for you and the gang – mice have moved into my garden office – could you sniff them out and eat them on Friday?

As a reward I thought we could take you to the pub for some extra fuss – they love houndies in our local pub. In fact, I expect that we’ll spend a lot of time at the pub (don’t tell mummy) – there are two nice girlie hounds that visit our local – you and Archie can do some flirting!


xxx Step mummy Sue

Deer Step-mummi Sue

I will put Herbz on the case. He luffs squeekie myces. 

Wow, zoomies, fuds, kuddels, chikkins, treatz, myces and gurls – soundz like parradice. Archie may have the lookz but ladies luff pursenalitee so I will be well in. Fink Monty better stay home with Ty in his den – pubz is scarey for wussy boyz and I dont want him crampin my stile. Silly hoomans luff strypee brinduls

xxx HB

Dear Henry

Richard has just ordered £150 worth of chewies – will that be enough???

xxxx worried of Surrey

Dear step mummi Sue,

That will be enuf for me, wots everiwun else having?

xxx HB


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