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Archive for December 2nd, 2012

Dog Blog: Henry Beanz’ Holidaze

Posted by indigodream on 2 December, 2012

Dear Henry

Could you tell mummi that we put a link on the blog to ABNB (where your boat is for sale) and we’ve had lots of hits. Wouldn’t it be super if the boat was sold – you’d be rich and you could afford all the luxury treats in the world..


Steak Ta-tah – nom nom nom….

xxx Step-mummy Sue

Deer Step mummi Sue

We haz bin diskussin it amongst the pak. If mummi sells the boat we cud have treatz, and new ermin beds, and stake ta-tah for dinner, and massarges, and mor treatz, and a limmo wiv dimond enkrustid bowls and snazzee jimjams wiv our names on – mine would have HBB in gold fred. I luffs bein ritch Mummi is still lookin for her fone. She iz doing swearings. She will do more swearings wen she finds her fone cuvvered in poor printz and dog lix. He he. Ize a bad beenz

xxx HBB

Hi Sue,

Well, sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on the text front but I lost my phone only to discover that a certain Henry B Beanz had snaffled it into his bed. He’s licked it and nibbled the rubber case and covered the screen in paw prints – its in a right state. And god knows who he has been texting and calling! Dogs very excited and HBB seems to be v interested in the luxury gift catalogue that came thru the post a few days ago. Strange boy.

So looking forward to seeing you!



We’z got dimunds on our collars – I luffs bein’ rich!

Okay, so a package turns up today. Inside is an ermine-trimmed, fleece lined pair of jimjams with the monogram of HBB embroidered in gold thread. What’s going on?


Dear Sarah

Can’t imagine – it must be a gift from the good folk of Goring – they really did love Henry at the pub!!! Uh, I wouldn’t check your credit card this month…….

Regards, Sue


Should I be worried that I found a Bentley brochure in Henry’s bed?


Dear Sarah

Did Henry order the Bentley with chauffeur like we agreed; uh sorry, like he might have agreed with the others is what I meant obviously…

Regards, Sue

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