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Dog Blog: Henry Beanz’ Holidaze

Posted by indigodream on 5 December, 2012


Dear Mummi
Iz goin’ to send you sum posticardies soon, but I’z not lettin’ go of me h-phone – did you heer that sum dogs izn’t hallowed to text their hu-mums – Iz so sad that sum hounds is so deprived…
xxxx Henry B Beanz

Dear Step-mummi Sue

Iz notised that mummi has been on the blog and sez that she will tell you to stop me treetz if she hears Iz bin norty.

Well, I woz finking, how about if she dun’t hear that Iz bin norty, how about if we duz a deal, like you duzn’t tell me mummi what Iz bin up to and I duzn’t tell her wen youz bin a unfit step-mummy…

xxx HBB

Dear Henry

I’m shocked – are you suggesting that we deceive your mummy? Shame on you…

xxx Step-mummy Sue

Dear Step-mummi Sue

Oh no’s, I duzn’t mean actooally lying, more like not tellin’ the whole troof – likes wen you left the gate open, an’ acidently let Monty out, and he runned off…

xxx HBB

Dear Henry

Well, Monty only went for a poo in next door’s garden, and he came back home straight after – that’s not so bad…..

xxx Step-mummy Sue


Dear Mummi
Fis is Ollie modlin Lou’s jarmies – he finks they is stoopid, Lou finks they is stoopid – mummy Sue sez they is too small for a big puddin’ like me so she’s got the heatin’ goin’ 24/7 so I duzn’t get cold….I luffs my step-mummi 🙂

Dear Step-mummi Sue

Uh huh, so you duzn’t mind if I tells mummi that you woz in a total panic and runned up and down the road in your night shirt and no kni…

Ok Ok, you win, we’ve got a deal, we don’t tell mummi anything about anythin….

Ah, Henry, why are you texting me when you’re sitting in Richard’s armchair like, 3 feet away?

xxx Step-mummy Sue

Deer Step-mummi Sue

D’oh, barkin’ is so old-fashund – texts is THE dog-human talkin’ fing – you always knos exactly wot I’m sayin’ – Archie and Ollie likes to roo ‘n whine but youz not got a clue wot they is sayin’ duz you!

xxx Henry B Beanz

3 Responses to “Dog Blog: Henry Beanz’ Holidaze”

  1. Lesley said

    I have just read this to my Mother…she is still giggling!
    You is barking
    But I luv it/you!

  2. Dave said

    These entries make my day!! So funny but also so very much a reality when it comes to these guys!!

  3. Greygal said

    Dear HBB, anyone tell you that you’ve got a big gob? I now have an image of your step-mummy frantically chasing after Monty that won’t pass quickly from my mind – and I nearly choked on my croissant I was laughing so much.


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