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Archive for December 12th, 2012

Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze…

Posted by indigodream on 12 December, 2012


Herbie doin’ trainin’ for hot chikkin wrestlin’….

Deer Step-mummi Sue

Duz we have a fone numba for Sky Sports?

xxx Henry B Beanz

Dear Henry

Uh that would be a “no” – why on earth do you want a number for sky sports – you slept through the rugby the other day….

xxx Step-mummi Sue

Deer Step-mummi Sue

Oh no’ze , I duzn’t wont to wotch sportz, I wonts to sell them a new one for lotz of munni so’s I can buy me own treets…

xxx HBB


Oh yeah – tha’s a champion move….

Uh huh, and what sport would that be…?

xxx Step-mummi Sue

D’oh Step mummi Sue

S’obvious, Hot Chikkin Wrestlin’ (HCW) – like wot youz dun wif Herbie the uvva day – you leaves hot chikkin in the kitchen and turnz your back; then Herbie steels it and youz have to wrestle it off him. The one who getz the biggest bit of chikkin wins – simple! I fort Herbie woulds be a champion but youz woz a contender Step-mummi Sue – youz gots almost the hole chikkin off him – respec!

xxx HBB

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