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Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze…

Posted by indigodream on 14 December, 2012

Fis is Archie bein' silly....

Fis is Archie bein’ silly….

Deer Step-mummi Sue

I’z notised that you is leekin a bit – I knos that you is sad coz Lou is not heer no more so we’z decided to cheer you ups:

  • Is will give you big wet kisses ev’ry day…
  • Archie sez he will sept on your foot ev’ry morning – this meanz that he luffs you loads
  • We’z will all do silly fings to make you larf…
  • Monty will eats your pizza so he gets fat but you duzn’t – mummi dids tell you to feed him up and cleen his ears…
  • Herbie will be a big drama kween so’s you have to go to the vets – coz we knos that you will miss the vet…
  • We will demands food and fusses ev’ry half an hour so’s you still feels wonted..

Luffs me step-mummi, xxx Henry B Beanz..

Dear Henry

You are the best step-houndie ever – thanks for cheering me up. Just a teensy thing though – when you gave me that big sloppy kiss right on my mouth – well, it’s just not proper, really, especially with the extra-long tongue…..

xxx Step-mummi Sue

p.s. Could tell Archie that I’ve got the message – I know that he loves me – so he doesn’t need to tread on my feet every day – they are quite bruised now….,

Herbie bein' pafetic...

Herbie bein’ pafetic…

Monty can helps you wif that pizze, mummi Sue, Monty luffs piza, actooally I luffs pizza too so I'z could help you too...

Monty can helps you wif that pizza, step-mummi Sue, Monty luffs pizza, actooally I luffs pizza, so I’z could help you too…

See, youz gotta smile wen we's bein' fis silly - I meanz, fis is a 2-human sofa but it's never big enuff for two hounds!

See, youz gotta smile wen we’s bein’ fis silly – I meanz, fis is a 2-human sofa but it’s never big enuff for two hounds!

Fis is me speshal silly face - just for me step-mummi....

Fis is me speshal silly face – just for me step-mummi….

6 Responses to “Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze…”

  1. Greygal said

    I’m going to have to stop reading these as I am getting really, really hound-sick. I want my luffly dogs!!! That is an amazingly pathetic Herbie, a classic Monty pose, and as for my two boys, well they’re just daft! Can’t wait to see you all – foreign holidays are well overrated;-) x

  2. Jill said

    OK, Lesley and I are fed up of trying to work it out. Why do you and Greygal keep swapping dogs? From above comment I take it that she and A are overseas. Does that mean you have ALL of their dogs. And why does Jelly Boy Ty keep going to their’s. Confused, from the River Lark

  3. indigodream said

    Keep up at the back there…

    Sarah and A are having a wonderful time on a hot beach….

    Susie, Miffy, Ranger Dawg, Big Sid and Eddie are looking after Sarah’s mum at home….

    Monty, Henry, Archie and Herbie are on holiday with us – Ty and Ollie are at home with us…

    So it’s not so much a dog-swap and full-blown dog-knap 🙂

  4. Greygal said

    Just wait until Sue and Richard go away next year and we look after their dogs at their place with some of ours in tow…that will really confuse everyone

  5. Jill said

    Whilst you are at their place Greygal, you couldn’t throw in two Tibetans and a couple of Labs could you? No need to worry, I’d send Daisy too to keep them under control.

  6. Jill said

    PS. Is a ‘hot beach’ the adult version of hot chicken?

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