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Dog Blog:Henry Beanz’ Holidaze

Posted by indigodream on 15 December, 2012

Wun, too, free...

Wun, too, free…

Deer Step-Mummi Sue

I knos that you is very sads coz Lou is at the rainbo bridge, but youz gotta look on the bright side – like, it duzn’t matter so much that you is rubbish at maffs any more..

Lots of luffs Henry B Beanz

Dear Henry

What are you going on about? How did you know I was rubbish at maffs, sorry, maths?

xxx (I think) Step mummi Sue

Deer Step-mummi Sue

Well, I knos that you is rubbish at maffs coz you haz a LOT of trubble countin’ to seven – likes wen you wents to bed and you sed “wun, too, free, fower, faive, six and sevin” then wen you heards a dog whinin’ you sed “your turn to let them out Richard” ……..only Herbie Beanz woz already outside wontin’ to cum in!!!!! But now you only haz to counts to six, wot shoulds be easy, even for YOU”

xxxx HBB

fower, faive, six, sevin - uh, 'cept youz counted me twice Step-mummi Sue...

fower, faive, six, sevin – uh, ‘cept youz counted me twice Step-mummi Sue…

Dear Henry

Well, Henry, there’s a few things:

a) I though we agreed that you weren’t going to tell mummi about me being an unfit mother

b) I CAN count to seven – I just thought that a black blanket heap on the floor was Herbie – I mean if mummi thinks I can’t even count to seven she’ll never let you all come to stay again!

xxx Step-mummi Sue

Deer Step-mummi Sue

Oh no’ze mummi Sue, Iz not breaking’ our deal, I’z not sed anyfink about you bein an unfit muvva – I’z just tellin’ mummi about how you iz not very good at maffs….

Lots of luffs, Henry B Beanz


Uh oh, I’z here Step-mummi Sue, wots you shouting for…

You are in so much trouble young man – I CAN count to six, so there was no need to scrag Herbie over a chewstick, putting him in doggie hospital and taking us down to five hounds!

Mumble mumble grumble mumble…

What was that Henry Beanz?

Herbie started it, he steeled my chewie, wots not on….

That’s no excuse Henry Beanz, next time just let him have your chewie, then come and ask me for a new one – simple, geddit?!!…

One Response to “Dog Blog:Henry Beanz’ Holidaze”

  1. Greygal said

    I’ve been an unfit mother before you, don’t worry. Herbie has quite a track record of being locked out…amazed he hasn’t got a complex by now.

    HBB, you are so grounded. And all those Bentleys are going back…and those monogrammed ermine-lined jimjams. No presents for bad dogs!

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