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Dog Blog: Dog Blog: Holby Casualty ER Emergency Ward 10 House Vets….

Posted by indigodream on 18 December, 2012

Episode 2

Me, lick my wounds, never! Step-mummi Sue did it (eeeeuuw!)

Me, lick my wounds, never! Step-mummi Sue did it (eeeeuuw!)

“Mierda! Eet ees a deesaster…..”

“Mr Dishy Spanish Vet, what on earth is wrong?”

“Mees Sexy Vet Nurse, thees deesaster – Herbie is licking his wound and ripped the drain out – MIERDA!”

“Calm down, Mr Dishy Spanish Vet, surely eet, sorry, it can’t be that bad – I mean, Herbie looks very pleased with himself…”

“Eet is a deesaster – the wound ees infection, we cannot close it, we need to cleen eet and start again – TONTO DEL CULO…”

“Well, Mr Dishy Spanish Vet, I don’t know what that means, but I guess it’s not a respectfully polite form of address for our clients…”

“Mierda, mierda mierda – what to do weeth thees wound, is a mess….”

“Mr Dishy Spanish Vet, please stop pacing and slapping your forehead, we just don’t behave this way in Surrey…..”

“Ha! Do chew have a “naughty step” in eengland?”

“Well, yes, in primary schools maybe…”

“I weel get one built right ‘eer – we need for clients that let their dogs leek their wounds…”

“But I’m sure it was an accident, Mr Dishy Spanish Vet…”


Tune in to the next dramatic episode….

2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Dog Blog: Holby Casualty ER Emergency Ward 10 House Vets….”

  1. Greygal said

    I think we have an issue with this new soap opera…Herbie is THE drama queen but you seem to have introduced another one in the form of El Disho Vetto…There’ll be competition for top billing and I’m worried the Bernese mountain dog’s spare leg may just get overlooked in the scramble for lines. Are Hollywood calling yet?

  2. indigodream said

    Hollywood has been strangely quiet – I expect they’re still negotiating with Antonio Banderas for the part of El Disho Vetto – I mean, he’ll need to pay us a lot in order to appear with Herbie (who I though could play himself!….

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