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Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze…

Posted by indigodream on 24 December, 2012

Deer mummi
Wen you is eatin’ the Christmas puddin’ wot Step-mummi Sue made, I hopes you ‘members that it wudn’t be haf as good if me an’ Archie wozn’t helpin’ – see, Iz reedin the recipe…..
xxx HBB

Deer Step-mummi Sue

Wy iz you makin’ a puddin’ wif all stuff wot is poiznus to hounds?

“Beats me Henry, it’s traditional, but I can’t stand Christmas pudding myself…”

“Uh, but you seds you iz goin’ to give a puddin’ to me mummi – youz givin’ me mummi poizun!”

“No silly, it’s only poisonous for hounds, hu-mummies can eat it just fine…”

“Wy is you makin’ it wen we is stayin’ wif you Step-mummi Sue, iz you not afriad that sum poizon raisins might, like, jump straight into me mouf wif disatrous conskwenses?!”

“Well, I made the puddings on Stir-up Sunday, which is the proper day for making puddings – and when everyone eats the puds on Christmas day I’ll remember that it was the first day of your holidaze and the last day when all of you hounds were happy, healthy and hadn’t had any fights at all – it was such a happy day :-D”

“I luffs happy daze, Step-mummi Sue, can I have sum more happy daze here?”

Deer Mummi
Aftr I dun reedin’ the recipee I’z dun lookin’ to make sure Step-mummi Sue is usin’ the right stuff….
xxx HBB

Deer Mummi
Fis is Monty havin’ happy daze – Step-mummi Sue sez Monty can cum to stay any time – maybe I’dz better cum wif him – Iz can steel hextra food if mummi Sue forgots to feed him for hexample….
xxx Henry B Beanz

Deer Step-mummi Sue
Iz a bit wurried that you mights not let us cum on holidaze agen – mummi seems to fink that you’z bin stressed – dunno why – I finks itz all bin pretty normal…
Anyhoo, we woz so wurried you might’s forget, we’z all disided to mark your new 2013 diary so thats you knos when to hexpect us back.
Lots and lots of luffs Henry B Beanz

2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze…”

  1. Greygal said

    Deer step mummi Sue, mummi sez that if I am gud and don’t do no moor scraggins of me fellow houndies, then I may be abul to cum for more holidaze next yeer. Thats if she duznt haf me rehadopted by a shake – parruntly, shakes are very very ritch and she sez she mite trade me for a zillion pownds soze we’ll bofe be ritch has well. The fing is, if there’s goin to be any rehadopting goin on, then I reelly only wont to be rehadopted by you and unkel Ritchud as you are the bestest houndie pairunce ever. Ize reelly reelly sorry about herby – if I’d nown he woz goin to run into my teef, I wud haf got my teef out the way. And I wud rispektfully poynt out that it wosunt my fawlt herbs pulled his drayn owt and did lickins and mayde that ugli man hat the vetz do hypaventalashuns. So I iz not that bad a Beanz…altho mummi still sez I won’t be gettin any pokkit munni for treetz ever agen. If I byte my own leg, kan I cum rownd and stay in yor doggie hosspittal? No wun luffs me here…

    Merri krismas



  2. indigodream said

    Dear Henry Beanz

    Merry Christmas to you all – Mummi says that you all had sausages and lots of leftovers so I guess she does still love you really.

    Please don’t bite your own leg – you can come and stay anyway – especially as your mummy tells me that you’re a reformed character and are being on your best behaviour.

    See you in the New Year…

    xxx Step-mummi Sue

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