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Odds Blog: My contribution to the pop industry!

Posted by indigodream on 9 April, 2013

Tuesday 9th March

Aha, at long last I can now reveal that my brief (and undistinguished) contribution to the pop industry (click here for the full story) was as part of the choir appearing in a pop video with Josh Groban, singing “I believe” – a Stevie Wonder song (apparently).

There’s a link to the video here:

As anticipated, the choir is a load of soft-focused blobs in the background, but if you stop the video at 2min 45 secs precisely then you’ll see me (black dress reddish long hair) and my friend Roma to my right (black outfit with check jacket) – we’re in the second row towards the right! You’ll have to be quick to spot us but at least we have the satisfaction of knowing we were there!!!

It was filmed in the great hall in Alexandra Palace – it was an awesome venue!

Now, when you hear the name “Josh Groban” you’ll either say “aaaw he’s lovely” or say “huh, who’s that?”

To all his fans, he was absolutely delightful to work with, being both charming and witty. Some of the ladies in the choir regarded him with a desire verging on hunger – he took it all with aplomb!

3 Responses to “Odds Blog: My contribution to the pop industry!”

  1. Halfie said

    I think I’ve found you – second row up, third from the left? Ally Pally is where I started working for the BBC as an engineer back in 1980…

  2. indigodream said

    Well spotted – that’s me!

    Ally Pally was quite amazing – it’s grandeur seems a little faded (it could do with a fresh coat of paint!) but there’s no denying the scale of the place, and the rose stained glass window is worthy of a cathedral!

  3. Halfie said

    It was an amazing place to work in. The TV studios had porthole windows, and there was a definite sense of history. I was always aware that it was where the world’s first regular “high definition” TV broadcasts came from, and I felt humbled and privileged to be there. I didn’t see the Great Hall, though, as it had burnt down just weeks before I started! The views over London from the maintenance room were amazing.

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