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Archive for April 14th, 2013

Boat Blog: A visit to the boatyard

Posted by indigodream on 14 April, 2013

Tuesday 9th April

Having done extensive research on batteries, Richard finally decided to go with the boatyard just across the canal from where we were moored – Bridgewater Basin.

He booked Indigo Dream in for some quick maintenance:

  • to remove the old domestic batteries, scrub and repaint the battery tray
  • to source and fit four new batteries
  • to fix the hinge of our bow locker, which had rusted through, leaving the locker lid loose and askew.

We were lucky that they could fit us in – they had several boats due to be craned out towards the end of the week….

So today I whizzed up to the boat, Ollie came for the ride, and I moved Indigo Dream across to the boatyard. Although it was dry, there was an unhandy wind – I had to rush to jump onto the boat before she blew across the canal as I untied her! I reversed back a little way before turning into the marina and heading for the crane. I always feel a bit anxious moving around the tight alleys in marinas/boatyards but I eventually managed to brest up to nb Odin, despite the wind’s best efforts to take me elsewhere. I offloaded Ollie and found Derek, the engineer, who asked me to move Indigo Dream to the bank in front of the crane. I left Ollie tied up near his office (it would have been awkward to offload Ollie from the new mooring) and he took full advantage of the fuss available from Derek and from the boatyard’s welder. In the meantime, I moved the boat – this time the wind was with me and Indigo Dream slotted neatly into place.

Once she was in position, I went through the work list with Derek then I cleaned the pigeon mess from the front locker so that the welder could work reasonably hygienically! As I checked the boat and got ready to leave I saw a dark shape pass the window – oh no, Ollie was loose; I ran to the back of the boat, but it wasn’t Ollie – it was the boatyard’s enormous black cat. I looked across to see how Ollie had reacted – he hadn’t – phew! If that had been Herbie hound then it’s quite possible that the boatyard’s cabin office would have been dragged across the canal!

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