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Archive for April 23rd, 2013

Dog Blog: Ty’s doings

Posted by indigodream on 23 April, 2013

I woz so sads I hads to take to me bed...

I woz so sads I hads to take to me bed…

Deer me pals

I knows you will find fis imp-arse-ible, but there is sumun out there wot hates me!

I woz surfin’ the net i.e. slobberin over mummy Sue’s keyboard wen I saw:

…IQ of a snail…

….grow up…..

…this is rubbish…

I fort they woz talking about mummy’s borin’ boaty stuff (I hates boaty stuff) but they woz talkin’ about MY doin’s..

I woz very hupset – I knos I’z not very clever but I is cleverer than a snail; an’ I knos Is not as good a riter as Lynx, becoz I duzn’t like hadventures, but they duzn’t need to rub me nose it in. I fort they woz very crool – Iz got a complex now.

Mummy Sue give me a BIG hug an’ sed they woz just a playground bully and that I shoulds hignore them, and I duzn’t have to grow up – she sez she’s got no hintention of growin’ hup, so I duzn’t have to eifer.

In uvva news, me hows is full of ancient houndies, wot is nice becoz Monty is a bit scaredy wuss panty boy wot duzn’t like hadventures, an’ Miffy jus’ likes sleepin’ an’ eatin’, so they is just like ME. Monty is me new bestest friend, even tho he dids steel me favrit downstairs bed. Miffy fancies Ollie coz Ollie is her toy boy (wot sounds scary to me to me, coz wen I luffs toys I skweeks them till their stuffin leeks – poor Ollie!). But Miffy haz not dun skweeking Ollie coz Ollie is qwite brave an’ likes sniffin’, but wen it cumes to proper hadventures, Miffy likes to cuddel wif me.

Mummy Sue sez I iz very lucky to have lots of frendz wot luffs me an’ anyone who duzn’t luff me is the one wif the brains of a snail!

But mummy Sue sez Iz ok coz Is got her an' Ollie an' lots of frends to look after me....

But mummy Sue sez Iz ok coz Iz got her an’ Ollie an’ lots of frends to look after me….

Monty steeled me bed!

Monty steeled me bed!

Iz qwite brave wif me frends...

Iz qwite brave wif me frends…

Miffy an' Ollie finks that hadventures is fun - huh!

Miffy an’ Ollie finks that hadventures is fun – huh!

Me an' Monty - fis is a big hadventure for us...

Me an’ Monty – fis is soopa brave for us…

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