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Dog Blog: Ty’s doings

Posted by indigodream on 28 July, 2013

Deer me pals

Fis is Ollie licking a ice scream - Mummy Sue sed she didn't get pics of me eatin' a ice scream coz I swallered it hole before the camer cud focus - cheeks...

Fis is Ollie licking a i-scream – Mummy Sue sed she didn’t get pics of me eatin’ a i-scream coz I swallered it hole before the camera cud focus – cheeks…

The wevver haz bin too hot for houndies, so we’s bin havin i-screams, wot I thought sounded a bit scary but wot is delishus and makes me slobber, wot is good for waterin’ plants – cept mummy Sue sez her foot is not a plant and duzn’t need any slobber….

Now at home we only gets leftova i-screams, but sumtimes wen we’s out we gets a hole cone an sumtimes we gets a hole mini-magnum wif wite chocklit, wot is safe for houndies – cept don’t tell the vet coz he sez we shud just have kibble and he sez mad fings like “put your leftovas in the bin not in the dog” – my vet iz no fun at all.

Anyhoo, I luffs i-screams an’ one day it woz soooo hot that Richard gave me a hole mini-magnum. Now Is eats i-screams like a propa hound, like “down in one” – cept that mummy Sue dun yellin “where’s the i-scream stick gone” – uh oh, Richard woz in BIG trubble coz he let go of the stick an I swallered it hole. Mummy Sue woz in a panic but the emergency vet just laffed down the phone an sed I wuds probably just digest it; or maybe it wuds come out the uvva end, you know….

Mummy Sue woz wonderin’ wether the BBC wud like to do a poo-watch programme – wuds be fascinatin’…

Anyhoo, I finks I dun digestin’ the stick coz I woz fine and me tummy know that it woz cuvvered in i-scream so gobbled it all up. I thought that mummy Sue wud lurn from fis and just give me i-scream wif sticks coz me digestshun can cope, but she’s gon sooper-careful now and duzn’t let me swaller the stick, wot is very borin’..

But it duzn’t matter, coz I can still gobble i-scream cones an’ we wents to a houndie party where they did “houndie 99s”, wot is like a hooman 99 ‘cept with a sosidj intead of a flake. Persnally, I cuds have qwite fancied a flake but pipple say we’z not sposed to have choklit cept in hexeptional wotsits, like wen they leaves a bit right there on the table wif me name on it. I founds that if I moves the cone so the pointy end is in me mouf, I can swaller one hole – Iz so clever…

Mummy Sue just sighs – “why can’t you be more like Ollie” she sez, but he just licks his i-screams like a gurl – huh!

You iz soooooo slooooow Ollie..

You iz soooooo slooooow Ollie..

Ollieeee - can I haffs your cone? Yous nevea gonna finish it at fis rate...

Ollieeee – can I haffs your cone? Yous nevea gonna finish it at fis rate…

Haffs you not finishid yets????

Haffs you not finishid yets????



2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Ty’s doings”

  1. Sally said

    Hi Ty

    Good to hear from you, lover boy! You are just so lucky to get so many ice creams; all my meanie Mum does is pour cold water on my head if it gets too hot.

    She does by me an ice cream once in a while – they are my favourite food after bunnies – but I can’t remember the last time I had one.

    Loads of licks and can I have some of Ollie’s ice cream as he doesn’t seem to need it?



  2. indigodream said

    Deer Sally

    No i-screams – that’s meen! I can’t have water frown over me coz me foot’s in a bandij – wot is qwite good coz I duzn’t like water (cept to drink).

    xxxx Ty

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