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Boat Blog: Tideway Escort (1)

Posted by indigodream on 15 August, 2013

Thursday 1st August

Richard came up to the boat this evening – this would give him a flying start on his pre-tideway tasks on Friday morning. Of course, he would also meet up with the crew of nb Matilda Rose and brief them on the beer choices available at “The Grapes”! I stayed at home with the hounds – Ty’s foot is not healing at all well – he’s back in bandages and needed a vet appointment on Thursday evening; this would be quite enough stress for him without spending the night on the boat as well…

Friday 2nd August

Limehouse to Margaret Ness and back



Jill of nb Matilda Rose has blogged about it here; and Sue of nb No problem has blogged the trip here – do read their accounts as they really convey the joy of a tideway convoy!

Richard had a good morning – he and Graham pottered up to New Era for fuel (88p/l no questions asked) – it’s a while since we really filled the tank and it was a relief to get it done. He also got the engine checks done.

In the meantime, I took delivery of a weekend’s food from Tesco, packed the hounds and set off for Limehouse. Unfortunately I didn’t get there until lunchtime, having had a few vexatious phone calls in the morning which meant that our planned week on board would be interrupted – bah! Being early on a weekday, I parked in Horseferry Road – they have a useful phone parking system there and it’s usually possible to renew by phone – more on that later…

We took the dogs along to see the crew of Matilda Rose and found ourselves a table outside the Cruising Association for the obligatory tideway briefing. We’re in the habit of doing this even when we’re not travelling with SPCC. In the spirit of “full disclosure” we did tell the crews about last week’s collision, but luckily it didn’t put them off!

Note: Richard has prepared a generic cruising plan, which we’ll now complete every time we cruise. Here’s a link to a copy ID_passage_plan_2ndAug2013 (and we’ll add it to the Thames Cruising website).

We were honoured to welcome Sue of nb No Problem on board – it was a great opportunity to spend some time together in person, though I feel as if I’ve known her for years through her blog (and a merry evening out a couple of years ago).

We set out just before 4pm and, as we entered the tideway, I got an automated text to say that my car parking was about to expire. I rang to renew it and found that I couldn’t! Luckily, although the automated system didn’t allow me to renew the parking, it did allow Richard to “park” the car as new. I was relieved – turning the boat back wasn’t an option and I didn’t fancy the swim back just to move my car!

As always, we enjoyed the trip. But what really made this cruise was Jill, Graham and Sue’s delight – Jill was a bit apprehensive at first but very soon she was whooping with joy (we had 2-way radios). It was also great to see Jill at the helm of Matilda Rose – her confidence has increased exponentially since she complete her Helmsman’s Certificate course a few weeks ago.

It was a magical evening and we got back in time to colonise an outside table at the Cruising Association where we were joined for supper by our Saturday crew – Sarah, Andy and hounds Archie, Henry and Bertie. We had supper at the Cruising Association – the food is good, though the service is a little slow because they seem chronically understaffed, but the ladies there do work very hard. It was a merry evening but as soon as I’d eaten I wandered back to bed – we had an early-ish start on Saturday and with 5 hounds on board I wasn’t expecting an uninterrupted night’s sleep!


Here’s the full set on Facebook….

Hang on tight Jill, they're abut to open the lock gates...

Hang on tight Jill, they’re about to open the lock gates…

Graham showing an admirable degree of concentration...

Graham showing an admirable degree of concentration…

Skillful landing - we though it was an air ambulance but the logo was "Homeserve" - so was it their CEO arriving for a visit

Skillful landing – we though it was an air ambulance but the logo was “Homeserve” – so was it their CEO arriving for a visit

Passing through the Thames Barrier with our illustrious guest, Sue of nb No Problem...

Passing through the Thames Barrier with our illustrious guest, Sue of nb No Problem…

The light was so beautiful...

The light was so beautiful…

Glad you came out? You bet! nb Matilda Rose at the Barking Creek flood barrier...

Glad you came out? You bet! nb Matilda Rose at the Barking Creek flood barrier…

Rainbow over Limehouse - always a good omen :-)

Rainbow over Limehouse – always a good omen 🙂

3 Responses to “Boat Blog: Tideway Escort (1)”

  1. Jill said

    Thank you so much for such an incredible two days – we couldn’t have done it without you; nor would we have wanted to.
    PS Glad I wasn’t hassled by car park phone calls; what is the world coming to?

  2. indigodream said

    Jill and the crew – you’re most welcome, it was a pleasure 🙂

    Oops, forgot to put a link to the generic passage plan – I’ll add it later…

  3. Suenp said

    Sue and Richard,

    Thankyou so much for a fantastic trip aboard Indigo Dream, it was a really lovely break for me away from the towpath side that NP had been tied to for so many weeks. It was so nice to cruise with you both and what a fantactic time we all had.. Not to be forgotten that one! xx

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