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Boat Blog: A meeting of the waters…

Posted by indigodream on 26 August, 2013

Rewind to Sunday 4th August

A merry meeting....

A merry meeting….

Yesterday, The Jameisons from nb Free Spirit got in touch to say they were in Hanwell and would bide there awhile until we brought Indigo Dream up the canal on Sunday or Monday. Of course, our cruising plans had changed, but we were determined to meet the Jameisons so we drove to Hanwell instead.

But there were the usual logistics – Richard’s car was in Kingston, but it was nigh on impossible to move it because of the many road closures involved in the “Ride London” event. Sarah’s car, and mine, were in Teddington – so we took Matilda Rose and Indigo Dream back to Teddington Lock. Jill was feeling a bit under-the-weather so Sarah took the helm on Matilda Rose. She was moored on the outside so they left first – as they peeled away I heard the cry “so long suckers – eat my wake” – I think Sarah’s preparations for competing in next year’s BCN Marathon Challenge might be getting a bit too extreme πŸ˜€

We soon arrived in Teddington and piled six humans and five greyhounds into two cars and headed off. We parked outside the Fox and soon found nb Free Spirit – in exchange for their tea/coffee, we supplied a continental breakfast. We also took duvets for the greyhounds and were soon eating, drinking, laughing and chatting – the Jameison’s account is here. It was a marvellous gathering – we might be chatting there still, but after a few hours, Sarah and Andy had to head for home; Jill and Graham needed to get back to Matilda Rose for their dogs. We said a sad farewell, though we hope that our path will cross Free Spirit’s before they head back North for the Winter.

As regular readers will know, Ty hounds absolutely hates adventures, especially on the boat, so he and Bertie went home with Sarah and Andy while Henry, Archie and Ollie stayed with us for a cruising holiday.

Oh go on then, Jill#s almost visible in this version :-)

Oh go on then, Jill’s almost visible in this version πŸ™‚

So by lunchtime on Sunday, our tideway party had dispersed – the parting felt a little sad but we were to spend a bit more time with the Matilda Rose’s. We have planned to cruise upriver in the afternoon, but we stayed put in Teddington with Matilda Rose instead. Graham kindly sorted out (and paid for) a night’s mooring for us, as well as a few nights for Matilda Rose. With that sorted, Graham and I set off in the car (handy!) for the local Sainsbury’s for a top-up shop (they’d run out of wine – crisis!) while Richard cycled to Kingston to get his car. Once we’d got these chores done, there was time for a nap before we joined Jill and Graham for an exploration of Teddington High Street’s eateries. We left the dogs on board, though as it happens we found a very nice pub called the Clockhouse which actually allows dogs, on the patio at least. We sat inside though, I was chilled, mainly because my skin was too hot from having sunburned earlier in the day (very careless). The clockhouse offered very good food and service so we had a lovely evening and strolled back to the boats well contented….

The Thames is at its most benign at the moment, with very little fresh to flow over Teddington weir; nonetheless there is a constant rushing noise – I had thought it might disturb our sleep, but it’s amazing how you get used to it. It might even be considered to be soothing after a while….

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