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Boat Blog: Logistics!

Posted by indigodream on 27 August, 2013

Rewind to Monday 5th August

Archie was first in - what do you reckon then Archie?

Archie was first in – what do you reckon then Archie?

Today I had to deal with the first of the vexations that I mentioned last week – except it was a good thing that was happening, it’s just that the timing sucked!

Several weeks ago, my old car failed it’s MOT – it needed major and costly work. However, my brilliant regular garage sellotaped it together and scraped it through the MOT on the basis that I change my car ASAP. I went out and bought a car some weeks ago but I needed to arrange a numberplate transfer (I have my grandfather’s numberplate – long story)  which just took ages. I should have predicted that the paperwork would come through at the most inconvenient time and so it did!

So today I took a day out of our holiday to travel over to Lakeside to pick up my new (second-hand) car. In the meantime, Richard decided to take his car home and have an afternoon in the garden with the hounds. I’d have to drive past the house to get back to the boat anyway so I could pick him and the hounds up on my way through.

The arrangement worked very well, but it all took a lot of time.

Firstly we were very slow to get going in the morning then, when we finally emerged, we spent some time chatting to Jill. One of her Tibetan Terriers, Muttley, associates Indigo Dream with unlimited supplies of hot chicken, so he popped over every time he came out for a walk. He didn’t wait for an invitation, he’d just jump on board with a cheerful grin on his face – and the greyhounds didn’t react at all!  Once we’d got going, it just took a lot of time to finalise the car deal before I got snarled up in traffic on the M25 (nothing new there). By the time I’d picked up the crew from home and driven back to the boat it must have been nigh on 6pm. We thought about moving the boat up to Kingston but we couldn’t be bothered – Tedddington is one of my favourite moorings! Richard went to pay the lock-keepers for another night’s moorings and I cooked dinner.

What's that Henry? You think the boot's a bit cramped.....?

What’s that Henry? You think the boot’s a bit cramped…..?

But I wasn’t happy – we’d noticed some water on the floor earlier – it turned out that it was coming from the fridge. On inspection we found that the ice cubes had melted. We’ve had trouble with the electrical connectors at the back of the fridge before so  we checked and reset them and hoped that would work. However,  I was concerned that the cold chain had been broken so I condemned the raw meat in the fridge, leaving us with a very basic dinner. However I did take pity on the hounds – I kept their chicken and cooked the sandwich steak (that had been intended for fajitas) for them. Dogs have much stronger stomach acids than humans so I wasn’t worried that they’d come to harm from the contents of the fridge!

I attempted to catch up with the blog, but I was discouraged by an erratic mobile signal so had an early night instead – best idea I’d had all day 🙂

3 Responses to “Boat Blog: Logistics!”

  1. Jill said

    With hindsight, I’m glad I turned down your kind offer of fajitas then!!!!

  2. Greygal said

    Could any dog look more pleased with himself at taking possession of his new car?

  3. indigodream said

    Archie Beanz was in there so quickly – the car is definitely his!

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