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Dog Blog: Ollie’s progress

Posted by indigodream on 18 November, 2013

Monday 18th November

I’m just using this simple post as a way of linking to photos of Ollie but I hope that regular readers will forgive me!

Ollie’s been with us for 18 months now and he’s looking sleek and fit – the best reward for the work involved in bringing him back to health after being rescued from neglect. Ollie bonds deeply, and for the first few months he looked so sad and wistful it would bring tears to my eyes – but just look at him now! He’s in fine health for his age, though, unlike most greyhounds, he’s not interested in food and has to be coaxed to eat in order to maintain his weight. We’ve had many discussions with the vet and we think it’s a behavioural rather than a physical problem but we’re keeping a close eye on him (as you might expect!)…..

He’s not actually meant to do zoomies – it puts a strain on the muscles that he’s slowly built up since he’s lived with us – but who can deny him the odd mad moment? πŸ™‚

Ollie's forgotten that he's ten and a half - who am I to remind him!

Ollie’s forgotten that he’s ten and a half – who am I to remind him!



Ollie looks a bit bony in this photo but he IS a healthy weight!

Ollie looks a bit bony in this photo but he IS a healthy weight!

10 Responses to “Dog Blog: Ollie’s progress”

  1. indigodream said

    I think it is wonderful that Ollie can now run at a decent pace. When we got Ollie he had lost all his fast twitch muscles so could not run anything more then a bit of a jog and that would only be for a few yards. On Saturday he was not that far behind the Archie / Henry / Herbie / Smoothie speedsters for the first few turns round the field. As Sue says he paid for it a bit afterwards but he was so pleased with himself!

  2. Sue Cook said

    This is a test comment but I’ll just say again how much I love Ollie – what a special hound he is πŸ™‚

  3. Sue Cook said

    And another test comments – let’s try via facebook this time…

  4. Ok, now from twitter

  5. Jill Matilda Rose said

    Never apologise for putting up pictures of joyous, happy, healthy houndies doing zoomies

  6. Jill Matilda Rose said

    Sorry Sue, the problem has cleared now but I did try several times and thought I should alert you. I’ll keep my trap shut overnight next time!

  7. Kristel said

    Congratulations on your success with Ollie. Its so uplifting to see how a timid and neglected dog can blossom with love and care in the right home. Our lovely greyhound Freya is also not very food orientated and needs a lot of coaxing to get her to eat. I was really worried at first but after trips to the vet and assurances she was a healthy weight have started to relax. I’ve recently tried the Pet Greyhound food promoted by the RGT mixed with cooked chicken or mince and this has been a huge success. She also enjoys green tripe which I buy frozen from a local pet shop. It smells and looks disgusting but clearly not to her.

  8. indigodream said

    I enjoy the challenge of maintaining Ollie’s interest in food – the Masterchef contestants never had such a demanding judge! He’ s a funny boy – he’ll have phases of good appetite then the next minute he’ll be turning his nose up a luxury foods!

    We’ve got guest hound Miffy satying with us at the moment – she LOVES food and can’t believe the pickings available after Ty and Ollie πŸ˜€

  9. carrie said

    Ollie looks gorgeous – relaxed and happy. You’re lovely people.

  10. Kristel said

    Yes Freya also has phases of eating really well and for a few days we think we’ve cracked it. I’m sometimes able to tempt her with small amounts if cottage cheese or peanut butter on top of her food

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