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Dog Blogs: Ty’s Doings..

Posted by indigodream on 22 November, 2013

Deer me pals

Fis is me happy face wots you only sees wen Iz at home doin' zommies wif me pals...

Fis is me happy face wots you only sees wen Iz at home doin’ zommies wif me pals…

Iz  got to tell you abouts me hawful day – it woz terribubble….

Furst, Mummy Sue and Richard wents out the door reely early – I luffs it wen they leeves early coz it meenz I gets to snooze all day long……zzzzzzs

Then, THEN, Daddy Richard comed home an a strange bloke camed to werk in the kitchin – Iz hardly gots any snoozies at all…

Then, Iz ripped me dew claw right orf – iz a big secrit how I dun it but now Mummy Sue is looking for me old claw in her bed and goin’ “eeeew”…

Me claw woz qwite sore, but it dids give sumfink to lick, but I woz so bizzy lickin’ I hardly gots any snoozes agen..

Fis is me wurried face - wy woz I wurried - I duzn't kno, I just woz!

Fis is me wurried face – wy woz I wurried – I duzn’t kno, I just woz!

Then me best frend Gunilla the dog-sitter comed wif me frend Seth, wot is a blue boy hound. But I didn’t wots to go out, but then I dids go out but me claw woz so sore. But I didn’t gets any sympafy – I gots a stoopid bandij. Gunilla puts a bandij on and I wents “Grrrrrrrr” and pulled it strait orf. So she puts a tie rownd me mowf like a muzzle so I cudn’t go “grrrr” an she put a bandij on and anuvva bandij on top wots I cudn’t get orf….

Mummy Sue sez if woz funny “Ty tied with a Tie” she sed – huh, iz NOT funny Mummy!

I woz almost snoozing wen Daddy Richard cum racin’ in an sed “orf we go Ty, you’ve got to see the vet…” and I had to go in the car, an the vet tooked me blud and I hads anuvva bandij. The vet sed me blud sugar woz low – Mummy Sue sed it was coz Miffy hound, wot is on hols wif us, is eatin all the pies….

Fis is me deepressed face - an Iz disided to sleep in the coldest run on the finnest bed coz Iz a poor neglectid hound....

Fis is me deepressed face – an Iz disided to sleep in the coldest run on the finnest bed coz Iz a poor neglectid hound….

Then I hads to go home in the car agen – I woz despirit wen I gots home THEN as I gots out out of the car “BANG” – if woz flashy bangy fings so I run into the kitchin an gess wot, there woz a new Ty-sized den unda the cooker, just for me. I snuggled in but Daddy Richard dragged me out coz it woznt reelly a den, it woz were mummy Sue wonts a new cupboard. But it woz such a nice den and mummy Sue cud have put stuff, like fud, in there, I wudn’t have minded!

Me day woz as horrid as cud be, tho I dids get a choclit finger to boost me blud sugar, and sum nice meets for me tee – but THEN it woz 4 ay-em an I spent ages lickin me bandij off but me claw woz eva so sore so I dids the screem of deff and Mummy Sue dids waking up and sed I neededs a new bandij, I wents “grrrrr” and they puts me muzzle on, wots I duzn’t like, and Daddy Richard held me hed an’ mummy puts a stoopid new bandij on. Huh, an they woz complainin’ that their snoozes woz desturbed – wot about ME 😦

This mornin’ Mummy Sue an’ Daddy Richard wents off early and stayed offs – SNOOZIES…..’cept I heards that me frend Ranger Dawg had gone to the rainbow bridge – he woz me frend coz he wuds bark an’ bark for his dinna so we all gots dinna early. Tho he woz a bit mad coz he liked the boat an he luffed hadventures…


Ranger as I’ll always remember him – lying on Indigo Dream’s back deck on a pile of sheepskins, and often wrapped in fluffy blue blankets!

Fawn Ranger and old girl Susie – there’ll be a commotion at the rainbow bridge tonight!

Run Free Ranger

9 Responses to “Dog Blogs: Ty’s Doings..”

  1. carrie said

    Luverly update, thanks 🙂

  2. indigodream said

    Ooh Carrie, Ty says you do “luffly cuddles” – could you come round and give him some sympathy? He’d come to you but you live on a boat and Ty says “yuck!”

  3. Poor old Ranger. Sarah and Andy are going to miss him dreadfully as shall you and Richard. Trying to be positive, I guess that leaves a sofa space for Smoothie

  4. indigodream said

    We’re wondering whether Smoothie will stay now – but that does rather wreck Sarah’s stated ambition to get down to just two hounds in the fullness of time (not that I ever believed her on that one)!

  5. Greygal said

    Er…there you go again, inciting me to fail! Smoothie is gorgeous but he is still being fostered…for now. It’s hard to be too sad about RD – he had a fantastic life with no major illness or drama, he went peacefully at nearly 14, and he knows he was the bestest dog ever. There is a big Ranger shaped hole in our lives…but then Archie, Henry, Herbie, Eddie, Bertie, Sid and Smoothie keep filling it with their nudging heads and wagging tails. And Miffy would too except someone has her held captive in a forced feeding programme for poor, waif-like greyhound girls

  6. indigodream said

    So what “waif-like” greyhounds girls would that be then? Take my word on it, there are no waifs here 😀

    And I’m not inciting – just wondering!

  7. Greygal said

    She’s not waif like now….she’s been with you a week!

  8. Oooooo can I come round to the roast chicken boat and be a waif
    Luv Muttley

  9. indigodream said

    Of course you can Muttley, but I should warn you that it’s not chicken this week – will roast beef scraps and liver casserole do you?

    xxx Auntie Sue

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