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Archive for November 24th, 2013

DogBlog: Holby Casualty ER Emergency Ward 10 House Vet…

Posted by indigodream on 24 November, 2013

What  you’ve all been waiting for – a new series of your favourite medical drama…..

Episode 1


“El Disho Vetto, are you allright, I heard a thump…..”

“Eez fine, nurse cool aloof….”

Herbie - sneaky snitch or innocent victim - YOU decide...

Herbie – sneaky snitch or innocent victim – YOU decide…

“Fine? you’re on the floor! You’ve been spinning on your office chair again haven’t you”

“No eez not posseeble”

“You’ve been spinning….”


“Yes you have – this happens every time you spin on that chair….”

“Si, I’ve been spinning, what of it, it’s so b-o-r-i-n-g, there’s nothing to do”

“hmmm, it has been a bit quiet, you know why don’t you?….


“Step-mummy Sue and her greyhounds are on holiday – but, listen, there’s the phone – are you ready?”

“What’s that Step-mummy Sue? Herbie’s got a suspicious lump on his back, and Henry has ripped his dew claw? Better bring them in straight away….”



Henry Beanz is innocent.....

Was Henry Beanz framed? Tune in to the next exciting episode ….

Later that hour……………….

“Hmm, Herbie’s leg, eet was hanging off in enero, but ees fine now”…..

“Ah, El Disho Vetto, I know his leg is fine, but what about this lump on his back”

“mierda, ees beeg and sore, I will take a biopsy an’ you will give him tablets”

“Oh no! Is it serious? Herbie was very ill in the waiting room, see he’s not walking properly, oh El Disho Vetto will he be allright?”

“Let me see – aha, Herbie ess bitten; I will staple….”

“Bitten, but he wasn’t bitten when I left home, how could that have happe……..HENRY BEANZ!”

“Ah, what’s that Henry Beanz? You accidentally stood on Herbie in the car and Herbie bit your ear, hmm hmmm, and then he accidentally pushed his elbow into your teeth so it was his fault really, ah yes, I see…..”

“Uh, El Disho Vetto, why is Step-mummy Sue talking to herself?”

“Well, Nurse Cool Aloof, you think she eez talking to herself, but she eez talking to Henry AND she thinks he’s talking back, eez so sad…”

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