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Dog Blog: Archie Beanz’s Secret Dossiers

Posted by indigodream on 14 December, 2013

The name’s Beanz, Archie Beanz – for Christmas, for ever, hmmm mmmm…..

Dossier #8 ‘Fluencing the laydeez

Coming your way laydeez...

Coming your way laydeez…

As you all know, now that I’m “retired” I’ve been sharing my secret dossiers, but I’ve saved the best ’til last – how to ‘fluence the laydeez. Of course, if, like me, you have devastating good looks, come-to-bed eyes and a charming personality then you don’t have to work too hard but some finesse never goes amiss.

Firstly, it’s important to met a laydee’s expectations – an international man of mystery, a dark shadow in your bedroom of a night? WEll, it’s got to be chocolates, but not just any chocolates, yes, it’s got to be…..Milk Tray!

Secondly, how you arrive is important – SMS’s Ford just won’t do; M’s people mover – purleese! R’s audi – hmm, that’ll do for now but check out my new wheels – next year, laydeez, it’s special delivery all the way – just don’t expect me to drive a white car down your sooty chimneys….

Hope that Santa Baby brings you all your dreams this Christmas – as for next year, dream of me and you never know, you might just see me cruising by…..ciao!

Just in the showroom ordering my new wheels...

Just in the showroom ordering my new wheels…

And there's my new speed boat, Silver Bullet, oh yes....

My new stealth boat, Silver Bullet, coming your way laydeez of the river….

My devastating charm in action - works every time....

My devastating charm in action – works every time….

One Response to “Dog Blog: Archie Beanz’s Secret Dossiers”

  1. Greygal said

    Archie, you’re a shameless tart. And this is your mother talking!

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