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Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze (Septimber)

Posted by indigodream on 17 December, 2013

You can neva have enuff hounds - see, plenty of room...

You can neva have enuff hounds – see, plenty of room…

Iz woz dragged home from me hols in Orgust – I didn’t wots to go home – I luffs Step-mumi Sue an’ I luffs the 24-hour buffit wot is always ‘vailable on hols. But I gots dragged home an’ woz lurnin’ to choke on kibbel (agen) wen we woz bundled in the car an’ we woz on holidaze agen! Fis time we didn’ts go on the boat – we dids stay at Step-mummy Sue’s hows, wot has a big field (boring), lots of beds (luvverly) an a hextra hooge 24-hour buffit (wunnerful).

I comed on hols wif Archie an Herbie an Big Sid and Ranger Dawg (wot has gone ova the rainbow bridge now – run free bruv) an Miffy. It woz Big Sid an’ Ranger Dawg’s furst holidaze -Step-mumi Sue woz wurried they wouldn’t enjoy it.Huh?!  Is a 24-hour buffit! But step-mumi Sue hads to giv them hextra cuddels – not fair – I needs hextra cuddels too, an Herbie an  Ty an Ollie (but not Miffy, Miffy duzn’t do cuddels)….

But Step-mumi Sue hinsited becoz she woz gonna be Big Sid an’ Ranger Dawg’s Step-mumi too, wot is a promotion from Arnty – she woz very hexcited!

O’ course, we hads sum vet visits wot is perfickly normal even tho Step-mumi Sue broked her world record coz Bid Sid wents to the vet only an hour or so afta mumi left! But it woz gud becoz Big Sid hads a saw eye wot wuds have blindid him – eeek! Is all betta now coz Sid saw a supa speshul vet an had sum drops wot is the most hexpensive in the hole wurld (accordin’ to mumi, wot paid the bill….)

Step-mumi Sue dids sumfink new on hols – she took Ranger Dawg to do swimmin wif wimmin! Young wimmin in wetsuits wot puts him in a hydoferapy pool and fen gived him a nice shower an’ towelled him down. Ranger sed he wozn’t sure abouts swimmin, but he woz prancin’ round like a puppy afta. Step-mumi Sue wonted to do lots of hydroferapy but the gurls sed he cudn’t come any more coz RD woz so old he might poop the pool – huh – tis discriminayshun!

Step-mumi Sue sed havin’ 8 houndies stayin for a hole 3 weeks woz the best fing eva an she didn’ts wont us to go home. Wot woz gud, coz me and Herbs an Miffy didn’t wonts to go home eifer so we ran away and hids in our beds but Mumi is crool and dragged us out.

Bye Bye Step-mumi Sue, luffs you…..

An' you can always skweeze in a few more...

An’ you can always skweeze in a few more…

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