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Boat Blog: A little bit of magic…

Posted by indigodream on 7 January, 2014

Rewind to Sunday 20th October

Paddington to Limehouse

Chance and Indigo Dream - very nicely arranged for a get-together :-)

Chance and Indigo Dream – very nicely arranged for a get-together :-). We should point out that there was a small patch of dirt on Chance, if you got down on your knees it was very obvious.

We’re very happy to welcome new people onto Indigo Dream and it was a great privilege to give the hard-working charity volunteers from Accolade Hounds and Greyhound Friends a treat yesterday.

Yet, there is something special about cruising with old friends. Today, Doug and James from nb Chance came to crew for us – I’d been very cheeky and recruited them as crew just in case I had to go back to Wales to look after my poorly mum. As it happens, I was able to delay my trip until Monday and had the most joyful cruise back to Limehouse. Today, Doug did all the locking while James kept me entertained on the helm – it was nice to have the opportunity to get to know him better.

We had such a lovely day – even though the weather was totally foul in the afternoon with gale force winds and horizontal rain alternating with horizontal hail. It didn’t seem to matter – the warmth of the company (and James being very gallant holding an umbrella to shelter me from the worst on the helm) chased away the chills.

We seemed to get to Limehouse in no time at all, having largely had the canal to ourselves. We finished the day with a convivial glass of wine – the weekend’s cruising had been a lovely refresher.

For various complicated reasons involving too much work and a mother in West Wales, Indigo Dream has been sitting forlornly in Limehouse Marina all winter – this is very unusual! But we’ll be back on the water first thing in the New Year (weather permitting) with the usual bracing convoy down to the Royal Docks.

In the meantime, we hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a bright New Year – remember, if you want the ultimate hangover cure then come cruising down the tideway with us on the 10th or 13th January – just get in touch via the blog!

Camden - again!

Camden – again!



James was very gallant holding an umbrella for me on the helm :-)

James was very gallant holding an umbrella for me on the helm 🙂

That will put a stock to the wakeboarding!

That will put a stop to the wakeboarding!

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