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Dog Blog: Can you give “Chance” a home?

Posted by indigodream on 10 March, 2014

March 10th 2014

When Sarah fostered greyhound Smoothie last year, we all expected her to fail and for Smoothie to become the latest member of her extended pack but instead, Smoothie has the best, amazing WIN-WIN solution – whatever happened he couldn’t lose. Smoothie has been adopted by, wait for it, a woman who researches and writes a cookbook full of wholesome houndie treats! Can you imagine his life – he has adoring new owners, a houndie sister to play with and he gets to be a treat taster…

Chance (aka Red) is such a good looking hound...

Chance (aka Red) is such a good looking hound…

Buoyed by this success, Sarah has now fostered a new hound – a dainty ginger lurcher called Chance (that’s his kennel name, he actually answers to Red!).

Chance is a young boy and, being only part-greyhound, has a bit more energy to spare for running and playing – he loves to play! Although he’s very young, he/s had a hard life and needs a steady home with people who will love and give him the security he needs. We think that Chance will enjoy the stimulation of training classes, which will also help him to get used to the big wild world and all the wonders in it.

Here’s Sarah’s expert write-up:

Location: Chance is living with his foster mum in Suffolk.
Key Points: Affectionate, BEAUTIFUL! Very sweet and puppyish, non-destructive, lovely temperament, eager to learn and please, settles well, great with other dogs, LOVES going out in the car, clean in the house, can be left with other dogs for short periods.

~ Personality ~
Generally: Adorable, clever, shy at first and then adores his people, cuddle monster.
Chance is an adorable puppyish little lad who is very affectionate and sweet both with other dogs and people. He is still very puppyish in his ways as he can be shy and a little wary of new situations but when he realises that he isn’t going to come to any harm he relaxes and takes on his new life with gusto although he also has a maturity which means he isn’t always an ‘in your face kind of guy’ and always loves a good snooze.

He is a bright little boy who will thrive with training as he has already come so far in just a week. He loves other dogs and would ideally have canine company who will play with him although he is currently living with large dogs so it will be great for him to socialise with all sizes. He also adores people though he can be shy at times so will need a family who will give him all the confidence that he needs. He will tap you with his paw when he wants more cuddles so already developing a truly lovely little personality.

Chance loves zoomies...

Chance loves zoomies…

~ In the Home ~
Generally: House savvy, can be left for short periods with canine company, house-trained, non-destructive.
Chance is generally very good in the home especially as he has only been in a foster home a week or so. Chance can already be left for short periods with no problem and is clean in the house and non-destructive. Gentle on-going training will be a must for this little boy to make a family member to be proud of and he is a very quick learner!

~ Other Animals ~
Generally: Good with other greyhounds, loves to romp with his greyhound friends, not yet small dog or cat tested.
Chance adores other greyhounds and is very good with them although they don’t always indulge him with play at the moment even when he asks nicely poor little lad! He hasn’t been small dog or cat tested yet but this can be arranged prior to adoption if needed. Chance can be a little grumbly around his food with other dogs at times but this is most likely linked to his difficult past and is something that we are sure he will grow out of quickly when he knows that he gets a full tummy on a regular basis and that no-one is going to let him go hungry again.

Chance is a bit more alert than our greyhounds but he loves his comforts too...

Chance is a bit more alert than our greyhounds but he loves his comforts too…

~ Out and About ~
Generally: Can pull a little through initial excitement, but soon settles down, loves the car, needs recall work.
Adores going for car rides and enjoys his 2 x 30 minute walks a day that he is getting at present but would be happy to go for longer and would love to be off lead eventually so he can stretch those gangly long legs!

Chance can pull slightly when his puppyish excitement takes hold but he is already learning not to pull and is very responsive. Once a strong bond has developed with Chance and his new family and he has been given recall training, walks with him should be a dream. Please note Chance should never be let off the lead near public roads or livestock.

~ Where Can I Live? ~
We feel Chance will be happiest to live with at least one other dog to show him the ropes and hopefully play with him! We feel Chance will need a family where someone is around most of the time and an active home would be great so he can enjoy long walks and adventures. Chance would be happy to live with older children who won’t frighten him and with whom he can bond and become best friends with.

~ Where Am I? ~
Chance is currently living in a foster home in Suffolk but can be homed anywhere in the UK as long as we have a home-checker available. Please be aware however that you will be required to both meet him and collect him from Suffolk.

~ Want To Adopt Me? ~
Please form a very orderly queue for this little beauty who now needs his very own forever home. Chance is neutered, vaccinated, de-flead, wormed and microchipped and a home check will be required as part of the adoption procedure.

Here are some photos of Chance enjoying some zoomies in our paddock:



Chance is always inviting the hounds to play :-)

Chance is always inviting the hounds to play πŸ™‚

But he's also learning how to "stand and stare"...

But he’s also learning how to “stand and stare”…

Busy busy...

Busy busy…

Silly ears :-)

Silly ears πŸ™‚

Irresistible :-)

Irresistible πŸ™‚

2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Can you give “Chance” a home?”

  1. Kristel said

    Adorable looking dog. I hope he finds a forever home soon.

  2. indigodream said

    He’s a lovely dog and has a very winsome way about him πŸ™‚

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