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Archive for November 27th, 2014

Boat Blog: The Odyssey 2014 – day 38

Posted by indigodream on 27 November, 2014

Rewind to Wednesday 10th September

Sale to Stockton Heath

We decided to give the boat a good clean while we moored up in Sale - the dogs beds ended up on deck - nice :-)

We decided to give the boat a good clean while we moored up in Sale – the dogs beds ended up on deck – nice πŸ™‚

We had a quiet night on the Sale moorings and were up reasonably early. We weren’t in a hurry so we started the day with an aimless wander around Sale town centre. The town has a useful high street with all the shops you could want, including a decent butcher’s shop. It does feel a little down-at-heel, but it was a nice morning and we enjoyed our window shopping.

We took the hounds with us and the people of Sale admired them properly. A bit too much in the case of one man, who was a little detached from reality. He had a kind heart and an interesting story to tell – he had a family connection with the RSPCA and has been involved in dog rescue. He now has dogs of his own (whom he’d left at home), one of whom he’d rescued from terrible abuse. He gave the greyhounds a fuss (fine), but then we had to ask him to stop – he just went too far and was trying to put his glasses on Archie’s nose and then tried to check Ollie’s teeth – too much!

Mooching around Sale...

Mooching around Sale…

I topped up on our boat supplies in the town’s Sainsbury’s, but I was spoilt for choice – there are at least three supermarkets in Sale town centre!

After our bimble, we went back to boat, had lunch and generally pottered around for a bit. We had guests joining us later and by now the boat was looking a bit lived in!

We eventually left Sale at 2pm, and enjoyed the afternoon’s cruise as the canal became increasingly rural. The stretch by the River Bollin aqueduct has lovely views over to a fine mill building and would be a perfect mooring for hounds. In fact, there were several hound-perfect moorings between Sale and Stockton Heath, with some lovely views. Of course, being such attractive moorings, it’s hardly surprising that other boaters/landowners liked them too, so we had a very slow passage past miles of online moorings around Lymm.

After last night’s chill, the afternoon was glorious – the sun was hot, but the minute we passed into shade the chill was back – I guess that’s the difference between a warm day in summer and one in autumn!

Look carefully - Archie's protecting our diesel from thieves....

Look carefully – Archie’s protecting our diesel from thieves….

Our target for the day was Stockton Heath – we were meeting up with old friends Ken and Sue, who last came boating with us when we came cruising northwards in 2009. They have since acquired a dog of their own, Poppy, a nervous little rescue collie cross and Pluto, a substantial golden retriever that belongs to Sue’s son. We moored up just short of Bridge 15, on the towpath side. We couldn’t work out whether there were moorings on the offside outside the pub. We might have been a little bolder if we’d realised that it is a bit of a faff to get up to the road and across to the pub (the London Bridge) from the towpath.

When Ken and Sue were close, we mooched over to the pub so that we could introduce the dogs on neutral territory. The introductions went well, with the two packs largely ignoring each other – this was important as they were staying the night on board!

I believe that the pub is dog-friendly inside, but we chose to sit outside as it was a lovely evening (and we’d have more room). The pub food was good, though I don’t have a note of whether there were sausages – for some reason I think there weren’t (so it won’t be featuring in Henry Beanz’ pub league). We did have some argy bargy with other hounds – just barking – some other people in the pub had let their dogs off lead and they were being annoying, especially the one trying to mount Pluto (not that Pluto was bothered or even noticed!). However Archie Beanz leapt to Pluto’s defence, not that the randy dog cared, they never do!

Historic Grade " listed Linotype Works in Altrincham...

Historic Grade ” listed Linotype Works in Altrincham…

We walked the dogs back to the boat and everyone soon settled down – we had a remarkably quiet night considering that we had four people, four big dogs and one little dog on board πŸ™‚

Today’s Trivia

When I came to look through our photos, it was a nice reminder of the imposing Linotype Works in Altrincham. This what I like about the Victorians, they weren’t shy to put names and dates on their buildings – wish they did this now!

I was interested to find that this grand facade was an office building rather than part of the main works. In its time, this was a large site, manufacturing printing machines and employing hundreds of workers. As well as a factory, the site included houses for the workers. It is a Grade 2 listed building because of its “ambitious scale and the richness of its exterior detailing distinguish from many other commercial buildings of the period it from and its clock tower ensures its continued prominence in the landscape.”


Classic canalscape...

Classic canalscape…

A more modern canalscape

A more modern canalscape

Great views from the aqueduct over the River Bollin...

Great views from the aqueduct over the River Bollin…

Dog -proof decks are a great feature - we've met nb Soddum Hall before - I think teir deck doors are looking more complete now...

Dog -proof decks are a great feature – we’ve met nb Soddum Hall before – I think their deck doors are looking more complete now…



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