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Archive for May 1st, 2015

Boat Blog: Maintenance Visit (February 2015)

Posted by indigodream on 1 May, 2015

Saturday 21st February

I did an epic trip to see Indigo Dream today.

Snow - meh!

Snow – meh!

We’d had a phone call from a fellow marina denizen to say that the TV was on standby. Now this was not a problem if Indigo Dream was hooked up to shore power, but a battery killing disaster if she wasn’t. We had rung/emailed the marina owner to ask him to check her for us, but a few non-returned calls later, we just had to look for ourselves.

I was very reluctant to make the trip – I got up early and was bemused by the large shadows falling past the bathroom window – when I’d woken up a bit, I realised that it was snowflakes the size of birds and that the garden was covered in snow. I didn’t fancy the drive at all, but an hour later things had improved and by the time I got to Northwich the weather was fair. Richard stayed at home with the dogs today – it wasn’t really feasible to take them – not least because all of the boat dogs beds are at home!

I had a good drive and got to Indigo Dream by lunchtime. She was hooked up to shore power, though I did connect the isolation transformer while I was there. Sadly, the boatyard had not put in the blowers and dehumidifiers that they’d promised (they’d forgotten!) so the boat was cold and damp. It was a bit dispiriting, especially as the yard had taken off some wall panels to investigate the work that would need to be done and had left them off so that we could do our own inspection. All this meant that she was uninhabitable (I’d expected that) and though I could have stayed in a hotel and done the return journey on Sunday, I decided to head for home (with frequent coffee stops).

I was cross – the return journey (with stops) came to around 10 hours for an hour’s inspection of the boat, all of which could have been avoided if the marina had actually rung us back!

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