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Archive for August 23rd, 2015

Boat Blog: The Odyssey 2015 – Day 21

Posted by indigodream on 23 August, 2015

Sunday 9th August

Snaygill to Skipton

A nice breath of fresh air after a long drive...

A nice breath of fresh air after a long drive…

Because of a family committment we gave Saturday’s cruising a miss and travelled up on Sunday after doing a few domestic chores. We left Surrey mid-morning and endured the usual tedium on the M25. There had been a crash, it looked like a shunt in the second lane; that lane and the outside lane were clearly marked as shut but lots of totally moronic idiots were haring down the outside lane at speed, leaving the crashed cars stranded. Their drivers had managed to cross to the hard shoulder but how terrifying it must have been to dodge traffic that shouldn’t have been there – unbelievable. No sign of the police – I hoped that they would turn up and book everyone driving down a lane clearly marked as closed.

I was glad to get off the M25, though the M1, with its interminable roadworks, is hardly an improvement! But we found a little gem today – we stopped at Donington Services and found a superior service station with really excellent dog-walking and a Harvester restaurant which did a take-away service so that we could eat outside with the hounds – result! We enjoyed a long lunch, though this weekend’s canine crew, Ollie and Herbie, are seniors and not particularly interested in the ample walks available!

Herbie exploring Skipton - a bit more than we wanted really :-p

Herbie exploring Skipton – a bit more than we wanted really :-p

We got to the boat around 4.30pm – the staff at Snaygill Marina are so friendly and kind; although it was late and they were finishing off preparing the day boats for hire, they made time to fill us up with diesel and do a pump-out. We also filled the tank with wholesome Yorkshire water – we didn’t think we’d reach the problem areas for the contaminated water this weekend, but best to be prepared.

It was a nice evening and we both needed some fresh air after the long drive so we cruised to Skipton. There were a few boats moored up, but there was plenty of room for us, though the spaces disappeared during the evening. There is a useful water and rubbish point opposite the visitor moorings; as we passed by, a boat filling up there told us “we’re mooring in front of that boat opposite”. We asked their length and left a precise space for them, but really, can you ‘bag’ a space on the towpath? They hadn’t laid a towel (or the canal equivalent) on the space πŸ˜€

It was still light, so we and the hounds had an aimless wander round Skipton – it was charming! It didn’t take long to work out that Skipton’s emblem is the sheep, apparently from the Anglo Saxon “sceap tun” or “sheep town”. It even has an annual sheep day! We enjoyed our bimble, but Ollie can’t walk very far and Herbie has corns which make walking on hard surfaces painful. As we walked back, we spotted a Tour de France “sculpture”; we stopped to take photos of the hounds with this over-sized sheep and took Herbie’s lead off for a microsecond for a pose. Oh dear, BIG mistake, he suddenly hared off down the road and was heading back toward Indigo Dream at speed, even though she was out of sight. We’ll never know whether he would have found his way back. Richard chased after him (we tried the old trick of running the other way to see if he’d run after us, but Herbie was fixed on getting back to the boat). I followed on more slowly with Ollie – a small jog finished him off, so by the time I caught up with Richard he’d managed to catch Herbie – what a relief!

That was more than enough excitement for the evening – we got back to the boat, shut the doors very tightly and got the DVD going – we’d had a huge lunch so it was enough just to while the evening away with a brainless box set.

Bedtime with Ollie and Herbie is very straightforward, as Herbie likes to sleep on the sofa while Ollie takes the den at the end of our bed; no need to trip over Henry in his favourite spot in the corridor outside the bathroom and the kerfuffle of Archie trying to get as close as possible to us in the front cabin! But I miss the two Beanzy boys – it’s very quiet without them πŸ™‚


How did that boat get up there? That crane surely isn't strong enough...

How did that boat get up there? That hoist surely isn’t strong enough…

Plenty of interest in Skipton...

Plenty of interest in Skipton…



Looking down to the visitor moorings...

Looking down to the visitor moorings…

Herbie just before he scarpered!

Herbie just before he scarpered!

The sign says "closed - someone ate all the pies" - Herbie??

The sign says “closed – someone ate all the pies” – Herbie??

There's not much flat land round here!

There’s not much flat land round here!




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