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Archive for October 1st, 2015

Dog Blog: Henry Beanz Holidaze (1)

Posted by indigodream on 1 October, 2015

Deer me Pals

Mumi Sue's car is keite cumfy but the M1 is very boooring...

Mumi Sue’s car is keite cumfy but the M1 is very boooring…

Iz bin on holidaze lots but mummi Sue is totally huseless an Iz not sent any posticardies to me proper mummi.

Anyhoo, Iz bin on holidaze agen and we’s having lottsa hadventures oop north.

Oop north is a long way so we sed to mumi Sue, we needs a hooge car wif hextra fick beds so she gots us four duvits, free cushins, five blankies an sum sheepies – we woz almost cumfy!

Mumi Sue sed “no adventures until we get to the boat” but Ollie wozn’t listnin’ so wen we gots to a wee place on the motorway we hadz a wolk an Ollie sed “sqweek sqweek sqweek”. Mumi Sue woz all of a panic…

“what’s wrong Ols?” she sed

“sqweek sqweek” sed Ols…..

Then he helds his paw in the air….

“oh no, your paw’s all red, have you got a cut?”

“sqweek sqweek” sed Ollie then he collapsed onto his bum….

“Are you in shock Ollie?”

“sqweek sqweek” sed Ollie then he collapsed on his side wif a last sad sqweek an laid like a ded fing….

I woz eva so helpy then coz mumi Sue needed two hands to lift Ollie so I’z held her sub roll, in me mowf. I woz afraid of dropin’ mummy Sue’s roll coz me mowf izn’t so secure, so I disided to hold it in me tummy hinsted – yum yum!

But Mumi Sue cudn’t get Ols up even wif two hands so she showted at Richard.

She sed “take the boys back to the car and come back to lift Ollie”

So we all bimbled backs to our beds in the car and…

Ollie jumped up an cummed back to the car too – if yoos last to the car you gets the thinnest duvit so he woz kwik. Richad lifted him up so’s mumi Sue cud hinspect his fut an the red stuff woz cherry jooce wen we’d bin walking under a cherry tree!

Ollie is our hero coz he gots mumi Sue’s adrenaline all goin’ so she stayed awake drivin’ all the way up the M1 – gud work Ols 🙂








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