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Dog Blog: Henry Beanz’ Holidaze (3)

Posted by indigodream on 5 October, 2015

Deer me pals

I fort holidaze woz fer eetin’ lotsa norty fud an relaxin’, but we’z bin eva so bizzy.

This mornin’ we dun zooomies – we all dun zoomies…..

Ollie doin’ zoomies, yes, Ollie wot woz at def’s door an iz anchent….

"Go Ols" we sed "Slow down Ols, you'll do yourself a mischief" sed Mummy Sue!

“Go Ols” we sed
“Slow down Ols, you’ll do yourself a mischief” sed Mummy Sue!

Herbie dun zoomies, an he’s old geezer wot complains about his corns an’ his back. Mumi Sue sez Herbie’s got no recall – okay, maybe he duzn’t kno his name but he knos where his sofa is and always run back to the boat. Mumi Sue sez he’s not norty, he woz dumped on the streets wen he stopped racin’ an’ she finks that he’s afraid of bein’ left behind…

"Go Herbie" we sed "Aargh, Herbie's off-lead, you'd better not run away..." sed Mumy Sue..

“Go Herbie” we sed
“Aargh, Herbie’s off-lead, you’d better not run away…” sed Mumy Sue..

Archie Beanz dun zoomies, he’s the yungest an’ hansum an’ luvs showin’ off…

"Go Archie" we sed "Don't even think about jumping over that wall to get the sheep..." sed Mummy Sue..

“Go Archie” we sed
“You’re so gorgeous…” sed Mummy Sue – huh, she’s so dumb, coz tarty Archie luves all the girls..

Mummi Sue woz a bit wurried that we mites go over the wall to chase ships, but we duzn’t need ships, we’z got a bote!


Go Archie" we sed "Don't even think about jumping over that wall to get the sheep..." sed Mummy Sue..

Go Archie” we sed
“Don’t even think about jumping over that wall to get the sheep…” sed Mummy Sue..

An I duu zoomies, see, Iz not a “fat puddin'” wot is wot my mummy sez – rood!

"Go Henry" we sed "Go Henry" sed Mummy Sue "you need the exercise" - rood!

“Go Henry” we sed
“Go Henry” sed Mummy Sue “you need the exercise” – rood!


2 Responses to “Dog Blog: Henry Beanz’ Holidaze (3)”

  1. Greygal said

    Good to see irrefutable evidence of Henry’s exercise regime. Not quite sure what impact it’s having yet, mind

  2. indigodream said

    I hope you notice evidence that Herbie’s legs work as well – it’s a revelation!

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